Friday, September 4, 2009

The opening Mass at Detroit Cristo Rey High School took place today at Holy Redeemer. The Mass was beautiful, we had several students participate and many of our community supporters came to welcome the students and wish them luck. After Mass ended, our students lined up in the parking lot and shook hands with all the guests.

Of all the guests that came to celebrate the new school year with us, there were two who were VERY important to me- my parents. Earlier in the day, I pulled aside one of the sophomores and asked her if she would be willing to give a tour of the school to two very important guests- she agreed and was very excited to do this favor for me. After Mass, my parents shook hands with the students and met some of the staff. Then they headed over to the school. The student (Jasmine) had to call her ride, so I started the tour and she took over when she was finished. She did an excellent job, explaining the work scedule, introducing my parents to staff, and dicussing their classes. One staff member specifically thanked my parents for helping me get to where I am. That really touched me, because I'm always thankful for the hard work my parents have put into shaping me and guiding me, so to have others recognize that and also be appreciative was very touching. It was very exciting for my parents to meet my kiddies and see where I will be working every day, especially because they have been so supportive of the Mercy Volunteer Corps process. I am very lucky to have such amazing parents.

I have three study hall's during the day so I will get a chance to know three different groups of students very well. I also have had an AMAZING response of students who want to be peer mediators. So much, in fact, that I will have to switch second semester to give other kids a chance. I'm very pleased with this and excited that the students are willing to help their peers.

On a random sidenote, yesterday marked one year since one of the most amazing days- the Idol show in Grand Rapids. So many wonderful things happened that day. We met Brenna, who we are still good friends with, Chikezie was given his scrapbook, we ended up being given four after party passes, and all the idols were so sweet to us. I miss those kiddies and that tour. Such good times. It's crazy thinking how much has happened since then.

Love everyone. So much!

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I'm so glad your parents were able to tour the school and meet everyone! It's very clear to see how much this job means to you, and also how much your parents mean to you ... so I can only imagine how special it was to have those two parts of your life brought together :) I know how very proud they are of you, and I'm glad they got to see everything you've already accomplished so far!!