Friday, September 18, 2009

First of all...I'm sitting here drinking my coffee and watching video's of the Vh1 Diva's special last night. How amazing is Miss Kelly Clarkson? She looked beautiful and her stripped down version of "Already Gone" is outstanding. I get so angry when people try to categorize Kelly as an "Idol Popstar" this girl has got PIPES. I want to be her. Seriously. If I could be anyone in this world, I'd say Kelly Clarkson. I don't care if that's sad. I feel like we're already pretty much the same person. Every story she's told about her personal struggles are an echo of mine. Her songs match the poems/lyrics I've written. We need to best friends. I entered to win a meet and greet for her concert in I do for EVERY TOUR she does. I need to win, it's long overdue.

The rest of the performers were also amazing. Adele blows me away every time, as does Jennifer Hudson. Jordin and Martina made me cry, mainly because it reminded me so much of my friends. Jordin's solo performance...well...she's really grown up. That's all I'll say about that.

I know I talked some yesterday about my mommy and her birthday but I was half asleep and totally forgot to mention that she got the sweetest gift from my daddy.

A little background: The music teacher , Kelly, at St. Hugo (same school my mom works) also sang at my parents wedding when she was only 17 years old. She has an absolutley GOREGOUS voice, and when she was hired at St. Hugo my mom made the connection. They've become pretty good friends since then, and my mom has already booked her for all our weddings AND for her own funeral (as morbid as that sounds, all my mom wants is for this woman to sing at her funeral). My dad knows all of this, and he too loves Kelly's voice. So, a few weeks ago he called her up and asked for her to sing "Perhaps Love" by John Denver, a favorite song of my parents. On Wednesday, my dad came to St. Hugo and Kelly sang the song for my mom and her entire classroom. HOW SWEET IS THAT? Seriously. My parents are the greatest.

Also, I was reading my mom's facebook page of birthday wishes and found one that really touched my heart:

"Happy Birthday to the greatest 2nd mommy in the world"- Christine

Christine has been one of my best friends since we were five years old. She is a part of our family and everyone loves her, she's such a sweetheart. It just meant a lot to me that she said that and could recognize how amazing my mom is. I miss Christine, too.

Hope everyone has a FABULOUS weekend!

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You DO need to meet Kelly!! My fingers are crossed for you that you finally get your pass this time. You MORE than deserve it!!