Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Cirlce of Mercy is Timeless

Mercy Day.

Around 800 girls are sitting in their goregous auditorium in Farmington Hills right around now, holding a special Mass in honor of Mercy Day. It's also their Spirit Week, so most of them are probably pre-occupied with Homecoming excitement to really understand Mercy Day.

Only a few years ago, I was one of those girls. I knew the story of Catherine McAuley and had the sucipe memorized, but really didn't understand how amazing it is that 182 years ago, a woman lived her dream and opened a home in Ireland to help the poor women and children. The brave and inspiring act opened doors for so many amazing opportunities that still exist today. She is a true hero in my mind.

As I sat in that auditorum a few years ago, I was in love with Mercy and the atmosphere. You can ask any one of my classmates, they would have told you that I'd be re-connected with Mercy somehow later in life. I always imagined being the pastoral minister or counselor there. Maybe someday I will, but right now, I am giving back to Mercy in a way I never imagined.

Being a member of the Mercy Volunteer Corps has deepened my love and appreciation for Mercy- not just the single high school I attended, but for Catherine McAuley, the Sisters of Mercy, the four tenants, etc. I am happy to be committing myself to a year of service with them, to be able to give back what they have given me. While I am not in the halls of Mercy High just yet, I am constantly reminded of their support. I am using the tools that they gave me to live out some of my dreams.

Last night we celebrated Mercy Day with some of the Sister's at Christ the King Church. Those women are amazing, not only are they so compassionate toward us but to all they come in contact with. They live each day devoted to God, their ministry, and each other. Each of them greeted us with a smile and a hug, squeezed our hands as they chatted with us about how our service sites were doing. I met Sr. Marie Henderson, who graduated from Mercy with my mom, and another Mercy associate who is best friends with a St. Hugo family. Small world!

To sum it all up, the circle of Mercy really is timeless, and I am just blessed to be one person in the circle. Thanks Catherine McAuley, I owe it all to you.

Enjoy a comfy cup of tea.

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Nice Megan! I totally agree that Circle of Mercy Rocks and I'm so glad to be a part of it! I hope you and the rest of Detroit will be able to make it for the Mid-year Retreat in Nov! It would be great to see all of you again!!