Sunday, September 20, 2009

If you’re not a fan of American Idol, you probably won’t care about this blog…unless you want to hear me get snarky. If that’s the case, grab a snack.

NOTE: I was in the process of copying/pasting this when I checked the comments on his blog. He commented in response to several angry comments saying that the response were from typical dumb Idol fans, sticking up for their favorite. Serioulsy? SERIOUSLY. Okay. Moving on.

I recently read a blog by a former American Idol contestant in which he made risky claims that he is among the most successful of all the contestants over the past few seasons, which he attributes to the fact that he works harder.

I’m sorry…what?

First of all, it’s completely unfair to claim that he is working hardest. You can’t tell me that the rest of these people aren’t working their butts off. It doesn’t really matter album sales and numbers, heck it doesn’t even matter if they have an album out yet, each and every single one of the former Idol contestants work hard to get where THEY want to be. It’s not everyone’s dream to sell millions of records and sell out shows. Not everyone can be a Kelly or a Carrie. They are unique in their own way and have people supporting them.

Second, if you measure success by the number of people whom you inspire, touch, change….then every one of these people is successful. I know I may be biased…but in this blog I read the sentence “Melinda doesn’t do much” and literally almost threw up. Are you kidding me? Melinda doesn’t do much? I was unaware that traveling to Africa with the First Lady, that being a spokesperson for Malaria No More, that having two-three events every week, that having jaws drop when you sing qualified as “not doing much”. I personally know that Melinda Marie Doolittle works extremely hard in her profession. Her goal is to get out there, meet people, and sing for them. She does just that but it doesn’t stop there…she is involved in a numerous amount of charity work and inspires people with her sweet, selfless personality. I’ve never met anyone who cares so much about people the way Melinda does. So yes, sir, she DOES DO MUCH. Much more than she will ever get the credit for in the media. Maybe you should ask her about it, I’m sure she’ll tell you many stories.

Also? I’m going to stick up for Gina Glocksen. First of all, this person is supposed to be one of her best friends, so the fact that he said that she is two years late getting on the music train makes me want to slap him. Secondly, Gina was a little busy…you know…settling into a MARRIAGE. For crying out loud the girl is only twenty five years old…let her live a little. She still made a variety of appearances during this time.

I guess my point to this person is…why does your opinion of success have to put down your fellow contestants? What makes you a harder worker than them? You got what you wanted, congratulations. You SHOULD be proud…but not too proud that you have to drag everyone else down around you. You should be encouraging the support of these amazing people.

PS: I’m watching the Vh1 Diva’s special again right now…I love that three of them were on American Idol. Just saying.


Desiree said... Add Reply

Good job Megan! You said it very well.

Shari said... Add Reply

Perfectly, perfectly, PERFECTLY said!!!!

Anonymous said... Add Reply

I don't even know who you're responding too, although I think i can guess. All I'll say is that you phrased it MUCH nicer than i would have.