Sunday, September 27, 2009

Picture this: Seven 20-something kids, living in Detroit to do a year of service, huddled under a homemade fort in the dark, watching Saturday Night Live. Here's a few pictures to help you out:

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That's Jason, Nate, Hannah, Me, Katie, and Meghan. Dave took the picture.

What a lovely evening we had. More nights should be spent like that.

Today we continued our Church hopping and found ourselves at Christ the King Church in Northwest Detroit. What's funny is that back in high school I had quite a few friends who belonged to that parish and always spoke so highly of it. I never visited, although I constantly heard great things. We were there this past Wednesday for a Mercy Day event and decided to attend their weekend Mass. Two Sister's of Mercy whom we know fairly well belong there. I loved the church, it was probably my favorite that we've visited. The atmosphere was great and there are many opportunities to get involved, which is what I am looking for. The only downside is that it's about a 15-20 minute drive (yet still in the city of Detroit). We'll see if I end up settling there, but I really enjoyed it.

So, I think I'll start doing appreciation posts for my community members and those who are supporting me. I'm going to start with Dave, because last night he gave us a very special gift. When someone gives you a gift, you should thank them.

Let me preface by saying that Dave is a musical, artistic genius. Perhaps a bold statement but I believe it to be true. I was amazed by him at orientation when he would just sit at the piano and play goregous music off the top of his head. Since then, I've learned that he is extremly talented and creative. He records music and other sounds to put them together into songs. He's been working on a song that puts together recordings from January-July 2009, it's supposed to potray his feelings during those times. It's a 1/2 hour long song with no words but beautiful music- and it is fantastic.

I am honored and blessed that Dave shared this with us, I know it probably took guts because it is something that means so much to him. He's been working so hard on this song and it truly paid off. I'm very proud of him not only for his creativity but for being the energetic, compassionate, caring, sweet soul that he is. I am so glad that we've grown closer. It's comforting to have him both at Cristo Rey and in our community. He's the defination of a wonderful friend. I am thankful to have him as one of mine! Dave, keep on bieng you. Thanks for everything :-)

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