Thursday, September 17, 2009

I am so beyond the point of tired right now. My 2nd hour group of sophomores are in here for study hall and I'm just sitting at my desk half asleep.

Yesterday was one of the busiest days I've had. Got to school at my normal time of 6:50 to set out breakfast for the kiddo's. I have first period free so I usuaully go to the computer lab and get stuff accomplished for the day, and catch up on facebook/twitter (shut up, it's productive). I monitored two classes 2nd and 3rd period, did peer mediation 4th period, and set out lunch 5th period. Then I picked up Dave from Matrix, came back to Cristo Rey, and monitored my 8th period study hall. Then creative writing extracurricular, which I loved. I have some really amazing writers and am looking forward to having them share their work with me.

After school myself, Jon, Dave, and Hannah jetted off to St. Hugo. They were the host site of a fundraiser dinner for Cristo Rey. As the ONLY Catholic, co-ed high school in the city of Detroit, we need lots of funding. Especially because we are so new, as we continue to grow we need more funding for activities and facilities. The event invited our board members, faculty, and 14 students to mingle with potential donor's. What was awesome for me was that St. Hugo is my parish. I've been going to that Church since I was born, I went to elementry school there (k-8). My mom teaches 2nd grade at St. Hugo and has for many years. It was awesome to bring those two world's together. It was a very fancy (and delicious) dinner. Part of the evening included two students giving speeches on their perspective of Cristo Rey. Both are in one of my study hall's, so I've gotten to know them. I teared up a little when they were talking, because I know the amount of hard work these kids put into their school. I really can't quite describe the pride and love I have for the students, even if they misbehave. I am becoming more and more passionate about this school every day.

After the event, Rob (our director of development) told us (the four volunteers at the school) we could take home all the extra food. We're splitting it up so each community will have an equal amount (Jon and Hannah are volunteers through a different organization, Dave and I are both Mercy Volunteers). I then noticed my mommy's car was still in the school parking lot from Parent Teacher conferences, so we stood outside the door and waited for her. She came out and we sang to her. I only saw her for a few short minutes, but it was so good to be able to hug her and wish her a happy birthday. I love my mommy. What a wonderful woman.

If you haven't seen my facebook pictures, Laurence got to meet Bono. I am so incredibly happy for him. Apparently Bono was QUITE impressed by him, even taking him into their super secret prayer circle. I haven't had a chance to talk to him yet but I bet it was so surreal and amazing. Love that kid. He deserves all the happiness that he recieved this past weekend.

I'm too tired for more right now, but I will add that Gem has found a solution to my writers block. She suggested that I journal privatley (not blog) about specific conversations and situations with students. That way I can write deeply about emotions without worrying about hurting them or having them see it publicly. Thanks Gem!

Love love!

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