Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Minor announcements...

You know that feeling you get right before you get a really bad cold? I've had that feeling for about a week. Today it's gotten pretty bad. I feel it in my throat, head, aches, etc. I've been drinking orange juice and hot tea all day to eliminate as much as possible, but I still feel it. If any of you have any desire at all to send me a care package, now would be the time. Soup, tea packets, and LOVE please. I'll need it all to get through this.

Seriously though, a few of you have asked about that. Contact me and I'll message you the address of the high school, you can send stuff to me there.

A few very good things have happened the past few last night at parent teacher night when a parent pulled me aside to tell me that her daughter's life and attitude have been changed by the words I've said to her...or when one of my students saw that I was exhausted and drained, so she spent her last few quarters and bought my favorite candy bar from the vending machine. Then she told me to go home and sleep...or today, when apparently a student was offended that when I was announced at parent/teacher conferences, it wasn't mentioned that I teach creative writing. I didn't even think of it, but this student expressed her concern to Dave about it. How sweet?

During extracurricular time I gave a talk to a group of girls about how pointless it is to waste your time and energy being mean and nasty to someone. Why not use that on doing nice things or putting it into your schoolwork? I am praying that the message got through to them. The disrespect the students have for each other has got to stop.

Also, just have to throw out there that the 70th Anniversary of Wizard of Oz came out on DVD yesterday. Favorite movie ever. I know what I'm spending my stipend on, haha.

\Alright, this was quick, but I must go to sleep. Love ya'll.

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Shari said... Add Reply

You are doing such truly amazing things, Megan, I hope you know that. It's very easy to see what a profound effect you're having on the students, and that's only going to continue. You really are changing their lives :)

Feel better soon!!