Monday, September 2, 2013

A Little Bit of Summer Makes A Lot of History

It's September 2nd. The weather is going to cool down this week. Kids are going back to school. Football has started. Starbucks is selling Pumpkin Spice Latte's again.

Guys, summer is over.


Now, I work full time, so I don't really get a "summer" in the sense that most people think of. I can't sleep in until 10 every day, walk over to the pool, hang out poolside all day, and come back and nap on the couch with a sunburn. Instead I wake up at 5, go to the gym, then work from 8-5, sometimes longer. But I had the weekends.

So I guess summer officially starts in June, right? If that's the case, then here are my summer memories.

JP and Sara visit: My cooky brother and lovely sister in law came the first weekend in June. It's always a blast with those two around. They, along with my sister and mom, came to visit me at work. We all cooked a lovely dinner together Friday night. On Saturday (also the day we got our cat!), they came over and partied with us, my friends Dave and Katie, Alex, and Krystin. We had an amazing time, drinking, laughing, and playing games. I honest had so much fun that night and with my brother. That Sunday was Father's Day and we enjoyed  a lovely meal out.

Lizz and Brett Visit: Sam's BFF from home and my sister from another mister came to visit us in June with her husband Brett. More laughs were shared. We played guitar (well, Brett played and we watched him and sang along), walked in the rain, played games. Those two absolutely crack me up. They need to come back again soon.

Kelly Clarkson Concert: Even though this day was a hot freaking mess, Sam and I still managed to have a really good time. Sure, we missed out and meet and greets and sure, our concert was cut due to insane rain storms, but we got to see our fave gal rocking the stage and we had fun. We were close to the stage, Kell Kell waved to us and sang with us. I'll never forget that night, and I think my clothes are still soaked from all the rain!

4th of July Weekend: Despite my credit card number being stolen this weekend, we had a damn good rocking time. Our friend Brenna came in for the weekend. We grilled, cooked, baked, drank, blasted music, played with sparklers, ran around, and just had an amazing time. So happy, so full of life and love.

Ellie Goulding/Bruno Mars Concert: I had been looking forward to this for MONTHS! They are two of my all time favorite artists and I had never seen either of them live before. We walked in just as Ellie took the stage and I was jammin. Her songs are absoutley amazing and that girl can perform. And Bruno was just out of this world. I was seriously in a different element when I was watching him. It felt like I was the only person in the room and I was moving like crazy. He was amazing. Honestly. this evening was probably the best night of my summer.

Up North Trip with my Girls: Ah, such an amazing, fun, laughter filled weekend. We absolutely had the BEST time. I made new friends, laughed till my belly hurt, rode 8 miles on a bike around the island, grilled brauts with Lauren, MADE A FIRE, sang along to Disney songs. It was the happiest I had been in a while. Loved it, loved it. LOVED IT. Wish I could go back!

Birthday: So yeah, I turned 26 this summer. My real birthday celebration was going up north with my friends. But on my actual birthday I was surrounded by family and friends. We had dinner, I got some amazing gifts. I was happy happy happy. My work friend Ashley had the Taylor Swift Vinyl sent to my office. My friends and family treated me like a princess.

Christine's Bridal Shower: Had so much fun spending the day with Christine and Paul's family members and watching how happy my BFF was to be surrounded by her family and friends, preparing for her big wedding day.

Tiger's Game with my Church Group: I got involved in the young adult group at my church, and the Tigers game was one of our activities. I got to bring Tom with me, and we had a lot of fun even though the Tigers lost. He even bought me a stuffed Paws to make up for the Tigers loss :)

Dream Cruise Night: Sam, Lauren, Chris, Tom, and I spent dream cruise evening grilling outside, chowing down on delicious foods, walking on Woodward, and playing ROCKBAND. We had a lovely time. It was so chill, so fun, so full of laughs.

Crashing A Bachelorette Party: Lauren took Sam and I with her to her friends party. We didn't know the bride to be, but we made ourselves at home on the party bust, turned up the jams and had an amazing night!

Summer Softball: I absolutely love my softball team. They are the best. We've been playing together for a while, and some players have left and we've adopted new ones, but we're a team, and we act like it. Some of those people are like siblings to me. Plus I have my sister and Dave playing, and my parents as our "coaches". We had a hell of a season and wound up in 2nd place overall. I can't wait until next year.

Losing 10 lbs: My weight was becoming a problem. A big, big problem It was affecting my physical health. My mental health was causing the weight gain. I was in a horrible spot, physically and mentally. Most don't even know how bad it was. So far me to say that I have lost 10 lbs this summer, and am well on my way to losing more, is a huge accomplishment and something that make me very, very happy. My lifestyle has changed. I am better. I am healthier.

Christine's Bachelorette Party: And finally, this past weekend packed away all the summer memories. Christine, Michelle and I headed across the state to Lake Michigan for the weekend. We had a very relaxing, lovely time, spending time on the beach, at the casino, chowing down, etc. I know it's what Christine needed to refuel before she does all the last minute wedding stuff, and I'm glad we could give her a quiet, relaxing weekend. So much fun!

 I had an amazing summer. I'd like to thank everyone who was on the list that made me giggle, made me forget my problems.  Especially my roommates who were with me for almost every summer moment (seriously. Almost every single one), who made me laugh hysterically every night, who helped me have a beautiful birthday and who listen to everything I carry on about. I also want to thank Tom, who was also there for me through everything and who got me the best birthday present I have ever gotten: a record player. I could not be more grateful.

And finally, I want to thank my parents who push me and support me every single day. I have the greatest parents in the world.

So long, sweet summer 2013. Thanks for the memories.


furmurr said... Add Reply

You do have great parents!

Shari said... Add Reply

What a lovely summer you've had. I hope all the seasons ahead are just as special! :)

Unknown said... Add Reply

Sounds like a great summer-hope your autumn is just as spectacular.

Dee @ A Deecoded Life said... Add Reply

What an awesome summer you had! Enjoyed reading about it all. Hoping you have a terrific fall too!

Kate @ Another Clean Slate said... Add Reply

Wow! What a busy, awesome summer! Here's to an equally great fall!