Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tuesday Tunes: Erika Van Pelt.

I know most of my facebook pals will see the title of my blog for today and decide not to click on it. It's probably not something that interests them. They, unless they are an Idol fan, do not know who Erika is. But if you clicked out of curiosity, I thank you. Because I want to introduce you to Erika.

This is Erika. Watch.

Yeah. She has a killer voice, right? Right. She was on American Idol Season 11, eliminated far too song, has mega talent and a loveable personality. She's chill, hard working, and passionate.
I want you to consider donating to her Kickstarter. She's working incredibly hard to make her debut album, independently, and needs all the help that she can get. She is trying to raise 20,000.
Why should you, someone who doesn't know Erika, donate? Because if you believe in music, if you believe in a girl who is working her tail off to get some good music out there, it will be worth it. This girl has pipes, but more than that she lives and breathes music. So I know, I just know, that this album will be incredible.
If you are reading this and you know me, Megan, then let me add a little personal twist to my plea. Erika is one of my favorite contestants ever. Her season was one of my favorites. I loved pretty much everyone, but especially Erika, Josh, and Elise. Erika was special in that she had this incredible energy level about her, it was obvious how happy she was to be on the show, and she was always gracious. That summer, when the Idols went on tour, I took my mom to see the show. Erika's solo performance, which I posted above, was a cover of Pink's "Glitter In the Air". That, my friends, was my choice solo for her. I desperately wanted to hear her do it on tour, and she did. It was beautiful, and gave me goosebumps. It's my favorite Pink song because it describes anxiety to a tee, and if you follow the blog closely you know by now how much anxiety consumes my life. So for Erika, one of my favorites, to sing that song, it helped me to know that I was not alone. Later that summer, I had my tonsils out. Now I know this seems silly to a lot of people, but my recovery process took a HUGE toll on me. Laying in bed for three weeks, not eating, not sleeping, and not talking really does something to a person. I fell into a really, really weird funk. I did not feel like myself, I felt lazy and sad. I wanted out of my own skin. It was one of the strangest things I have ever gone through. At the same time that this was happening, I was going through a rough time with a guy who I thought really liked me. We had been talking, and the day of my surgery he never once texted or called to wish me luck or ask if I was okay or needed anything. Then a few days later, he puts on Facebook that he's in a relationship with some other girl. So I was already miserable and lonely from the tonsillectomy, and then this was added on. But who was there? Erika, and her best friend Jessica, who I had connected with via twitter. Erika was there for me in the musical sense- I would YouTube tour performances of "Glitter in the Air" and watch interviews from tour. She was so happy and so confident, full of zest. Jessica and I would have lengthy convos, and to this day Jess will never know how much that friendship meant to me. She didn't even know about my guy troubles, she just knew I wasn't feeling my greatest. I'll never forget those few weeks, and can honestly say that the two of them saved my summer, even if it was from a distance. Back then I didn't have Lauren and Sam, I really didn't do much socially. Erika and Jessica helped turn around my attitude, make me feel whole again.
So yeah. Please, please, please consider donating to Erika's kickstarter. I know how it is. Money is tight. I'm in that position also. I wish I could donate more to this project, which is why I'm reaching out to my family, friends, and blog readers to consider chipping in. Even $10 will help.
Jess, Thank you. God bless you girl!
Erika, rock on girl. I am ecstatic to hear "Hurricane" when it is released and I will do what I can to fully support the album and your music. Thank you for everything.

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