Sunday, September 8, 2013

i wanna see you be brave

Happy Sunday, everyone! Although, it's late, so maybe happy Monday?

First of all, I apologize if there are any spelling or format mistakes in this blog. I am posting from my kindle fire for the first time because my laptop is having issues keeping a charge so I'm giving it a break. 

I wanted to talk about this song

"Brave" was one of ny favorite songs of the summer. It gave me confidence for my weight loss journey and strength to pick up the pieces of myself that were broken. Every single time I hear this song, a smile crosses my face. I have written the words "I wanna see you be brave" on a note card and I have it displayed on my desk so that I can see it every day.

This song should be our mantra. All of us. We should not let fear or worry run our lives. We get one shot at this, we need to make it count. We need to be brave.

I chose to write this blog today instead of as a Tuesday tunes post because as the start of a new week I need to go in with this mindset: to be brave. Things are gonna come at me this week from all different directions and life won't always be easy. But I can handle it and I can be brave. I can take a deep breath and know that I am a powerful person with the ability to fight through the roughest of days.

My challenge to you, my sweet friends, is to do the same. Do something this week that scares you. Tell fear it's not welcome in your life, embrace courage.

And you don't  have to do it alone. Sometimes the bravest thing we can do is turn to someone and ask them for help.

c'mon, friends. I wanna see you be brave. Have a good week.


Shari said... Add Reply

Love this song. Love this post. Love the message in your words. Wishing you the very same things this week and beyond ... <3

dayebydaye said... Add Reply

Too funny, Megan! I had heard this song several times, but just watched the video for the first time on Thursday night. I am pretty sure it was the main reason why my volleyball post ended with a "brave" theme!! I love the song too. My daughter and I were discussing the differences between this song and Katy Perry's "Roar". I like that one too, but I love the message of wanting to see others succeed (and less emphasis on making your own voice heard). I think that when we are able to celebrate others, we will also want to celebrate our own success.
And I see that in YOU!! You have been such a great encouragement to me in my blogging. You celebrate others and I hope that has encouraged you on your journey to be brave. Love that you are having success!! Keep being brave my friend!!
(And now the song is officially stuck in my head- probably for the rest of the day. You will have to read my post today, because I am sure it will be influenced by these thoughts as well! :) )

Elizabeth Rosalyn said... Add Reply

"Brave" is definitely one of my feel-good, you-can-do-it songs. :)