Friday, September 13, 2013

Self Portrait

Today's Blogtember prompt is to do a self portrait.

When I think about self portrait,  I think drawing. So that's what I'm gonna do. Fun fact about Megan: I can't draw. Like, at all. I never learned, never had the patience. I barely got by in art class in elementary/middle school and never had an art class in high school. So don't laugh at my picture below. Okay, you can laugh.

That being said....

C'est moi. Kinda.

Here's the me, in true form:

That picture was taken just a few days ago when I was trying to see if my face is smaller with my weight loss.

In high school, I had some extra off periods so I was asked to model for the art class so they could paint me. It was an hour every few days, and I had to sit perfectly still with four of my school mates staring at me. But I got paid $25 a week for it, so it was worth it at the time for extra gas money. The best one was hung in the hallways of Mercy for a good few months. Freaked me out a few times when I'd walk out of the bathroom and see my face.

And when I did my year of service, my community member Katie quickly drew a picture of the four of us on a dry erase board that was incredibly accurate.  I am the one with the ponytail, obviously.
Can you do a self portrait? Has anyone ever drawn a great picture of you?


Holly @ Hello Audrey Ruth said... Add Reply

Hi Megan, thanks for stopping by my blog! I had so much fun choosing pictures for this. I love that you drew something! I'm terrible at drawing too but your drawing looks cute! Although, it looks like your ND fan? I'm a Purdue fan so sadly I'll have to cheer against you this weekend ;)

Anonymous said... Add Reply

Love your take on this prompt!

Angela Tolsma said... Add Reply

love the drawings! I have never been drawn. These are fantastic ones of you

Dee @ A Deecoded Life said... Add Reply

Haha what a fun take on the Blogtember prompt!

Kate @ Another Clean Slate said... Add Reply

I've had caricature done and a portrait when I was little but nothing really. I am a terrible artist so a self portrait would be hard!

Unknown said... Add Reply

I've never tried a self portrait- but now you're inspiring me! It would sure give you a clue how you really see yourself-wouldn't it?

Shari said... Add Reply

Off topic, but I love the new blog layout! :)