Monday, September 30, 2013

11 Months

Dearest Ryan Michael,

Oh Baby Boop. I am taking a giant sigh as I write this letter to you this month. It hasn't exactly been the best, but things will get better.

Your Grandpa Carolin has some boo boo's in his body right now that need to be healed. He has four boo boo's inside his brain and one on his lung. He needs his lungs to breathe better and he needs his brain to keep dishing out his words of wisdom and his jokes. So the doctors are working really, really hard to fix the boo boo's.

Your Grandpa is very strong. He's going to be okay, and will be able to play with you again soon. He's in a hospital right now because that is where the doctors are working hard to make him feel better. We put a picture of you by his bed so that he can still look at your cute face, and you did visit him once and crawled all over him.

At times like these, I like to talk to God. I talk to Him all the time, but even more so when someone needs our help. It's easy to do that. You don't need to be in a Church or kneeling down. Just start talking. And you're very close to God, Ryan. You were just with Him 11 months ago. So I hug you close hoping to get a little closer to Him, too.

What Grandpa is going through is a little scary, but when we all see you, we laugh and feel better. You are pushing us to keep on going.

Keep smiling, Ryan. Grandpa's boo boo's will get better soon. Give him a kiss.

Love you more than you'll ever know. Soon you will be one year old and we are going to celebrate you with all of our family. It's going to be a beautiful celebration of our favorite little baby boop.

Love, Megan

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