Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Weight Loss Wednesday: Week 13

I am pretty proud to say: I haven't gained any weight. I haven't lost any, either, but I am more proud that I haven't gained.

Between the stress of Dad's diagnosis, not eating on my regular schedule, eating hospital food, not working out, and being in a wedding this past weekend, I am SHOCKED that I haven't gained. I tried to make as many good choices as possible, but I have spent most of the last week outside of my house, and it's harder to be good on your diet.

I am not going to give up and tomorrow I am getting myself back into my early morning workout routine. I need to get healthy now more than ever- not just for me but for my Dad. I know I am going to need to help care for him, and I can only do so much if I am not healthy myself.

Now that my dad has had his surgery, he will be able to go home in a few days and begin to recover for the radiation/chemo process. That means no more long nights in his hospital room, grabbing food when I can and skipping my workouts. That means I can go back to working a normal day, eating when I am used to eating and working out before work. I know, of course, that at any given moment things can change again, and he or my mom will need me.

This hasn't been easy, kids. As an emotional eater, all  I want to do lately is eat. The stress has made me crave sweets. I'm tired and crabby and I just want to sleep. But my dad needs me, and so I will make him proud.

You know, every single day so far people have asked me what I need, or what they can do to help. On a personal note, I need hugs. Like, lots and lots of hugs. I also need people to help me continue on my weight loss journey. Don't let me snack on the cookies and treats that are brought to us and don't let me stress eat. Encourage me to continue to work out. Just be with me.

I love you all. In addition to my dad kicking cancer's ass, I gotta kick my own ass. #carolinstrong


Kate @ Another Clean Slate said... Add Reply

So proud of you for staying strong despite everything you are dealing with! You need to be healthy especially now!

Unknown said... Add Reply

I'm so proud of you! Now you now your strong enough to do this. If you didn't gain any weight when your dad was sick, you won't gain weight with anything else.

Dee @ A Deecoded Life said... Add Reply

Proud of you girl! I'm also glad your dad's out of the hospital now. Praying for his recovery.