Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Last Person I Texted...

The last person I texted was my friend Sarah. The conversation started as me checking on her because I heard she was sick, and ended with dinner plans a few weeks from now.

It's ironic that this prompt came to me and that Sarah happened to be the person, because it's kind of a weird thing to explain.

She's my coworker, but she's also my brother in law's cousin. And I've actually known of/about her for quite some time considering my sister and brother in law were dating for 9 years before they got married, and have been married for five years. All those years meant a lot of family parties and get togethers, so I knew who Sarah was before we actually became friends.

When I was desperate for a job, we had everyone we knew on the prowl. I knew Sarah had attended WMU as well, with a similar major as me. She was one of the people my sister asked about possible job openings. One day, I got an e-mail that there was a volunteer coordinator position open at the hospice where she worked. Sarah was in the same position, but in a different office. She helped get my resume and cover letter to the right people and within a few hours, I was scheduled for an interview.

I got the job. Since Sarah was also a volunteer coordinator we worked very closely together my first few months here, she trained me and gave me all kinds of tips and tricks. I'd call her in a crisis and she would give me a solution. I'll never forget when I called her, just a few months into my job, while she was on a family vacation.There was a ton of background noise because they were at a huge family bbq, and Sarah yells to everyone "EXCUSE ME, SOMEONE COULD BE DYING HERE!". She also once told me "Don't worry. No one's going to die. Well they might, but that won't be your fault". Hospice humor, kids. We have to have it.

About 5 months after I started my position, the company had to do lay offs. At the time, there were six volunteer coordinators. But they were going to cut them down to three, and the three left would have to manage the program for two different offices. Sarah and  I knew that this meant one of us would probably get laid off, since our offices were close in distance. We didn't talk about it much, but I know we were both worried. Well, we got lucky. Sarah got moved to a different department, but still with the company, and I took over the volunteer program for both offices. This meant I actually got to see her more because I was in her office a few times a week. However, my workload was dramatically increased and I spent a year and a 1/2 balancing two huge offices.

Eventually, the company was in a place where they could hire someone to take over one office for me, and I went back full time to the office where I was hired in. Now I don't see Sarah, hardly at all actually. But we keep up via text and I know she's one of the most positive, friendly people around, especially at the work place. I think we are somewhat protective of each other, too. When I hear her name I perk up, and I get mad if she tells me someone gave her attitude. She's a really cool person who loves people and having a good time. She's a great friend to have and makes herself available to everyone. I'm lucky to call her a friend. We joke all the time that we are "cousins", even though we're not, but she pretty much is a part of my "inner circle" as my dad would say. Sarah, cheers to you my friend! Keep on being a light!

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