Friday, August 30, 2013

10 Months

Sweet Baby Boy,
You are 10 months old now. You're getting so big, so mature. Looking like a little lad now. You're not only crawling but trying to stand. Sometimes you use Clancy as a balance beam. You and that puppy are the best of friends.

This month, you went to visit your Uncle Jon and Aunt Sara in Indianapolis. They were so excited to see you, to hold you and to watch how much you have grown. I'm sure there will be many more visits like that to come. In fact your mommy told me there would be- Uncle Jon and Aunt Sara are wonderful people full of life and love, and Indianapolis is a cool city.

You also hung out at some of our softball games again. The season is over now so I won't get to see you on Thursday nights. I'll go back to my regular routine of visiting you on Saturday's after I exercise. I like watching you play with your toys. Since you're crawling now I think you have more fun with them, too. You like to pick one up, throw it down, crawl around and pick another one up.

I can hardly wait for you to speak. You're pretty quiet right now, although you do babble and giggle a lot. I'm just waiting for the day we can talk more.

Summer is coming to a close and your mommy has to go back to work. I know you will miss spending your entire day with her, but you get to do something really neat: go to daycare. And the best part is it's right in Grandma and Grandpa Carolin's neighborhood. Grandpa Carolin works at home now so if you get sick or need someone, he can come get you. So cool! And you get to meet other little ones and play all day and learn really cool things. My baby boy is gonna be so smart! And you still get to spend some of the week with Grandma Gumbel, which I know you love. How could you not? She's so sweet. Your grandparents adore you Ryan, all four of them. They absolutely love and cherish you. It's a beautiful thing to see their faces light up every time they see you.

Happy 10 months, my little king! I love you so much.

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Aw how sweet :) He is too precious!!