Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tuesday Tunes: Civil Wars + Jill and Kate

The Civil Wars are a fascinating band. To bring you up to speed, they are a male/female singer-songwriter duo who met in Nashville back in 2008. Their first studio, full length album was released in 2011, and they won two Grammy's for that album. Their songs have been featured on Grey's Anatomy and they were the opening act for Adele on her national tour. They partnered up with Taylor Swift for a song off The Hunger Games soundtrack, which they also won a Grammy for. They are very folky sounding, known for their use of instruments and raw vocals.

The fascinating thing is that the two have been in a tiff for a while. Neither have said the real reason, just using the whole "creative differences" line. In fact, they weren't speaking while making the album that was released today, and still aren't speaking. Joy has said they likely won't tour for this album because of the fight between them. Joy has been more vocal where John Paul seems to have gone into hiding.

Guys, something went down. And although we don't know what it was, it was big. And this album portrays the hurt, sadness, and even anger that both have felt.

It's like Fleetwood Mac all over again.

Here are my four favorite tracks from this self titled album. It's one that you really need to put on and listen to, full length, but I'll give you some snippets.

The One That Got Away

Devils Backbone

From This Valley

Oh Henry

Also, the lovely ladies Jill and Kate released a live album today. It's pretty awesome, especially because their commentary is in it as well, and they are giddy and excited in between each song. The album truly shows off their powerful vocals.  These two gals are mega talented and super sweet. They are so good to their fans and so passionate about music. Check out this live album if you want to hear some great music. Here's two tunes I particularly enjoy:

Burn It Down

My Love

Great day for singer songwriters!

Civil Wars on iTunes
Jill and Kate on Itunes

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