Monday, August 12, 2013

weekend recap: bridal shower!

Ladies and Gents, I am tired.

This past weekend was BUSY. It the bridal shower for my best friend Christine, who is getting married to the love of her life on September 28th.  I am the maid of honor (and only bridesmaid! such an honor), so I helped play hostess for the shower.

I spent most of Saturday at Paul (the groom to be)'s aunts house. We, along with Paul's grandma, prepared as much food as possible, made little pretzel candies, cleaned, and decorated the tables. It took us about 5 hours but we got a lot done, enough to feel confident for Sunday. By the time I left it was 3pm, so I ran a few of my errands and then headed home to take a quick nap. When I woke up, my tummy was grumbling (didn't eat much during the day- working too much!) so I grabbed Olga's, one of my favorite places to go. Came back home and got a text from my sister that she and some of her friends were in the area. They stopped over, and I walked with them to the downtown area of my city to grab some frozen yogurt. It was good to catch up with them, her friends are also close family friends (I even lived with one of them for a year) so we had a lot to chat about. When I came back from our fro yo outing, my roommate Sam was home along with our friend Krystin. We giggled, talked, and giggled some more. Eventually our friend David also stopped over, with a Little Caesars Hot and Ready in hand. More giggling ensued, before my body told me it was time for bed.

Sunday was the big day of the shower. I got to the house a little early so I could make my famous punch. I stood by my sweet friend Christine as we greeted guests, pointed out the gift table, and mingled. I noted that Christine got a lot of the same questions, over and over. "Are you ready?" "Is your dress in?" "Are you getting excited?". I wanted to take a tally. Eventually we sat down and enjoyed a meal of delicious salads, rolls, and fruit salad. Christine and Paul opened their gifts (and got so much newlywed swag), we ate mini key lime tarts, sipped coffee, took pictures, and soon the day was over, just as quickly as it began. But it was fun, it was joyous and happy, it was sweet. I loved seeing the smile on Christine's face and I enjoyed getting to know their family and friends a little bit better. Everyone was so sweet, including me in conversations and thanking me for my help.

I didn't  bother changing out of my dress when I finally got home on Sunday. Instead, I made a stop at Kroger to buy some stuff for Sunday night dinner. I knew Lauren wasn't going to be home, so I bought Sam her favorite flowers (sunflowers) and cooked dinner for the two of us- teriyaki marinated chicken, sautéed squash and zucchini, and red skin potatoes. It was delicious, if I do say so myself, and I had enough leftover to eat again tonight for dinner when I volunteer at Gilda's Club.

Sam and I watched A Cinderella Story and the Teen choice awards last night, like we were 16 year old girls. Sometimes you just have to do that, ya know? Sobbed during Lea Michelle's acceptance speech. (Who didn't?) Eventually Lauren came home and the three of us chatted and sat in the dark for a while, giggling. I was still wearing my dress from the shower at 10 pm. I almost slept in it. Hey, it was comfy!

Although it was a go go go weekend and I was barely even home, I enjoyed it. I am surrounded by love and by good people. I have reasons to smile and be grateful. I am blessed.

Christine and Paul at the shower. Aren't they cute?

Christine and I looking happy happy!

A different angle of Christine and I

Our fabulous table decorations. I'm proud of us!

Wedding Countdown: 47 days! I still have to get my shoes, get my dress altered, and finish my speech. Plus we have the bachelorette party over Labor Day weekend.


Samantha May said... Add Reply

Being a bridesmaid is a ton of fun! My sister is getting married in July so it'll be my third time.

The decorations look amazing!!

Shari said... Add Reply

You did such a lovely job setting up for the shower ... it looks so pretty. Your dress is really pretty, too. Love the color! :)