Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I can see it in your eyes...

I have this crazy weird obsession with eyes. In some regards, they terrify me. I have to look away when someone is scratching their eye, and it took me two hours to learn how to put in a contact. I won't put eye drops in, either. Just grosses me out.

But, one the complete opposite spectrum, they fascinate me. I know that sounds weird. Eyes are the absolute first thing that I notice about a person. I can get a glimpse of who they are, what they are feeling, by looking into their eyes. My kids at Cristo Rey used to be freaked out by this. I'd ask them if they were okay, they'd say no, why, and I'd respond I can tell by your eyes. Common response "dang Miss Carolin!". Sorry. I love how much eyes can tell you about a person or a situation...fear, happiness, sadness. They are incredibly descriptive. I have a notebook full of poems/song lyrics, and I'd say about 1/2 of them mention eyes. Brown eyes, green eyes, lying eyes, sad eyes, etc. I love that we all see the world differently through our eyes. I once heard someone say "let us walk this life with faith filled eyes". What a passionate, intuitive statement! I try to remember that every morning.

One more thing about eyes, and then I'll stop creeping everyone out. When I was a little girl, I had (Well, I suppose I still have them) HUGE eyes. Most of my childhood memories involve people saying stuff about my eyes. Whenever we went out in public, at least one person would stop us to say something about my eyes and how big they were. It terrified me, and I hated the attention. I was a really shy kid, so any interaction with strangers totally threw me for a loop. On my first day of preschool I cried and cried and cried. My mom asked me what was wrong, assuming I was just nervous or maybe not quite ready. My response? "I just don't want anyone to say anything about my eyes!". Yikes! People still comment on them, actually, but I don't cry anymore. :) My students at Cristo Rey were fascinated by my eyes. One of them even said she was going to take them out of my head and keep them in a jar. Creepy. Oh, and Kelly Clarkson told me that we had the same eyes.

To close, I will leave you with a song from Rent. I've heard a lot of Rentheads say that hate this song...that Roger could have come up with something better. Maybe so, but I think it's perfect.


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Oh, you would not have liked my life. For like five years, I had to put two kinds of eye drops in my eyes anywhere from one to four times a day. It didn't bother me though. The thing I don't like is when they test you for glaucoma, and they have to put something against your eye to test the pressure inside it. It makes a popping sound, and it's just freaky to hear that so close to your eyes.

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Kelly Clarkson Lied!!!! Your eyes are prettier than hers! And I an artist who has drawn many eyes! Your eyes are the BEST Ever!!!!!