Friday, April 22, 2011

Seven Things

After my first week of work, I'm giving my brain a little bit of a break and making a few lists of "Seven Things". Feel free to share some of yours!

"Seven Favorite Things"
1. My Family. I know, I know. Cliche. But I'm pretty lucky that I adore my family, love spending time with them, and have fun with living with my parents. I have wonderful, strong, compassionate parents; loving, patient and honest siblings; and fun, lively, warm sibling-in-laws. We're pretty awesome, not even going to lie about it.

2. Music. Shocking, I know. I love how no matter what kind of mood I'm in, I can find music that will help. I love when lyrics illustrate my life so perfectly. I love when I can emotionally connect to a song, when vocals blow me away.

3. Books. One of my favorite places to go is the library, get lose in the aisles and come out with these amazing books that will take me far, far away. I enjoy reading, finding new books, and discovering things about myself and the characters.

4. American Idol. This show just makes me so darn happy. It works. It gives us new music, gives people a chance for their dream. My favorite this season? Casey. <3

5. Road Trips. There is nothing like getting in the car, music up, windows down, driving for miles and miles. There is something about it- maybe feeling free, alive. I love seeing new things, meeting new people, and all the hilarious stories that go along with road trips. Having your best friend in the passenger side, driving through unknown territory and laughing until your tummies hurt makes the perfect road trip.

6. Documentaries. This is actually a very recent favorite thing of mine, but now I'm kind of addicted. I found free, legit documentaries on Hulu a few weeks ago and have been watching as many as possible ever since. I watched one on all the girls who have played "Annie" in the Broadway/touring companies, and what happens to them after they leave the show (which is usually...nothing. Unless your name is Sarah Jessica Parker). Quite interesting.

7. Summer. Now that I'm working, I won't really have my summer...but summer is still one of my favorite things, favorite memories. The smell of "outside", jumping in the pool, flip flops, BBQ, summer concerts, sun kissed cheeks.

Seven Things I Am Looking Forward To:
1. Getting a start on my job.
2. Easter! One of my favorite holiday's- celebrating Jesus. Sad we won't be in Florida, but excited for family time.
3. Getting back on Twitter/Facebook :-)
4. Warmer weather
5. Spring releases- my favorite author is releasing her new book soon, and there are some good album releases coming out as well.
6. Retreat for my work May 19-20th
7. Building a life for myself

The following lists are all RECENT. I have thousands of favorite books and music, but these are recent.

Seven Of My Favorite Books

1. God Loves Ugly, Christa Black
2. Left Neglected, Lisa Genova
3. These Things Hidden, Heather Gudenkauf
4. Marcelo In The Real World, Fransico Stork
5. Backseat Saints, Joshilyn Jackson
6. I'd Know You Anywhere, Laura Lippman
7. ROOM, Emma Donoghue

Seven of my Favorite Albums
1. What If We Were Real, Mandisa
2. 21, Adele
3. Doo Wops and Hooligans, Bruno Mars
4. Speak Now, Taylor Swift
5. Love 101 (Live), Melinda Doolittle
6. Farmers Daughter, Crystal Bowersox
7. Kaleidoscope Heart, Sara Barielles

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Heheheheh. I love some lists. :-)
I'm also looking forward to you being back on Twitter.