Monday, April 4, 2011

"A Concert Doesn't Just Last One Night"

Those that know me may have expected my "c" post would be concerts. Those who don't? Hi. My name is Megan. and I am a concert junkie. And, I've had some crazy things happen to me at concerts. I've made best friends, I've passed out, I've been sung to from the stage, Gotten shoutouts from the stage, I've met famous people, and more. I know people who don't get concerts. They don't understand spending money to hear songs you can listen to in your own home on itunes. LEt me try to explain it as best I can. I consider myself a musically emotional person. I tag a song to every event in my life, big or small. Songs make me cry, make me angry, giddy, etc. I don't just listen to songs, I feel them. Usually, if you hear me say "I hate this song", it's the frustrated part of me saying "there is no way for me to connect to this song". I'm obsessed with lyrics and analyzing them. So, hearing those same songs live, by the artist or band I respect so much, puts me in a whole different world. I go to concerts to escape. Belly up to the barricade, sreaming out the words to my favorite songs, tears rolling down my cheeks. THAT is my shining moment. That's my bliss. I leave everything else behind and completly emerge myself into the songs, the stories, the music. I remember every concert I have been too, because each had a different meaning. Not to mention, the passion that the artists have on stage runs through my veins and deep into my gut. I've been to several concerts in my life...and below you will find a short list of what I believe what makes the BEST. CONCERT. EVER. (By the way, I say that after every concert).

-My familiarity with the band/artist. I usually don't see people I don't know of, but once in a while I'll catch a live show for someone I've never heard before, or only heard a couple songs. Those typically don't do much for me. However, once in a great while, I have really connected with one of those bands, gone home and researched, knowing every lyric to every song in 24 hours. (I'm looking at you, The Spill Canvas). Also, opening acts are usually hard for me. Sometimes I'm amazed, but most of the time I'm tapping my foot anxiously waiting for "my guy" or "my boys" or "my girl" to come out and do their thing. They win me over if I can hear solid lyrics and passion. That's how I discovered Lady Antebellum. They were opening for Martina, and though I had never heard of them (to be fair, no one had at that point. They had ONE SONG on their Myspace page. Their first album had not even dropped yet, first SINGLE hadn't even dropped yet). I remember very clearly saying to my friend Jess "they will be famous". Their passion for music and energy for the crowd combined with incredible harmonies and lyrics made me an instant, die hard fan. But, they are an exception. Usually, my favorite favorite concerts are when I can sing along to every single song...know the band members by name, know why their story.

The People I'm With. Again, there are exceptions. I have been to concerts by myself, with a huge group of people all supporting one person, with a few friends, with one friend. My go to concert buddy is Sam...because she is just as passionate about live music as I am, and will be my partner in crime. We dance, throw our hands up in the air, bounce around. She gets me, I get her, we get the music. Anytime Sam is with me, no matter who else joins us, it's going to be a good time. I also once went to see Melinda with 15-20 other backups, and that was just incredible. Sitting on that little stoop with some of her biggest fans, who had then become a family, watching our girl shine, was amazing. I think my cheeks hurt for weeks from smiling so much from that one. I will really never forget that. I've also been to concerts alone. Mostly Spill Canvas shows, but some others as well. I've typically still had a good time, but it's harder to dance and make a fool of yourself when you're alone. I think the only time I ever completely let go when I went to a show solo was Kelly Clarkson in October 2010. It did not matter that I was by myself because I was surrounded by hundreds of my best Kelly fans. I screamed out every word, I cried, I laughed. I grabbed the hand of the girl next to me when Kelly was singing Breakaway to me. Oh, plus I had met her that night, so that helps too :)

The Venue. Small venues are my thing. We've been serious for a while now. For real, though, I love small venues. It can be overcrowded (Hanson), sweaty, etc, but that's part of the concert experience. I've passed out at concerts before (Linkin Park), but nothing will take my love away from a small venue, especially if I'm close to the stage. Small venues are just intimate. You get to know the people around you REAL well. The artist interacts with the crowd more. I just love it.

So, my friends, those are my thoughts on concerts. A huge thank you to all the artists who have let me act a fool when I have seen you live. Especially to...

-The Spill Canvas. I cannot name all the dates I have seen them, but it is several. Their lyrics get me like no one else does, passion just kills me. I wish they would stop this hiatus nonsense and get back to making me the happiest girl alive.

- Melinda Doolittle. Your incredible voice matched with art of storytelling through song is truly a masterpiece and I feel lucky that I have seen it live. I miss the death out of you, but I am so proud of you.

-Jordin Sparks. You have given me some of my favorite concert memories. I always have a good time at your shows. One of my favorites? Watching the entire crowd at Royal Oak Music Theater sing back the words to "One Step A Time", and seeing the smile on your face.

-Kelly Clarkson, for having the most energy of any artist I have ever seen. I don't know how you do it but you manage to put me through an emotional roller coaster every time I see you. I'd like to scream the words to Since U Been Gone with you sometime again soon.

-Hanson, for your overwhelming passion for music, your fans, and life in general. You have huge hearts to match your beautiful vocals and lyrics.

PS: Speaking of amazing people and music, Mandisa's new album comes out tomorrow. I've been hearing the songs on her website and let me just say I think this may actually be her best album yet- which seems unreal because on each of her previous albums, I love EVER SINGLE SONG. So you should get it!


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I can back you up on the Melinda concert. I've said it before, Music Jam was my Woodstock!

Shari said... Add Reply

Love, love, love this post :)

One of my favorite things about concerts is that they're all different. Each one brings something special and new, each one has a vibe and energy all its own. Even when I've been to more than one concert on a tour (KC!), no two shows are exactly the same. They all inspire in their own unique way :)