Friday, April 15, 2011

me myself and I!


Perhaps this is self-absorbed, but I try to mix it up. I've talked about other people, books, music, places, and concepts. I thought today I'd just give some fun facts about good old Megan. Enjoy.

-My parents thought that I was going to be a boy and were SET on naming me Danny (after the song "Danny Boy"). Surprise! They named me Megan because of it's Irish roots. My mom also once told me that at the time she didn't think it was a popular name. Surprise again. It was one of the most popular names of 1987. Oops.

-I people watch. All. the. time. Do the creep! I've almost fallen of the treadmill at the gym many a time watching people. Yep, I'm that girl.

-One of my nicknames in college was "Jesus Jr" because I was "always saving people".

-I'm not good at it, but I love to dance. And sing. God did not bless me with a voice or dance moves, but that doesn't stop me.

-I have never learned to play an instrument but have always wanted too. One of the first things I plan on buying when I make money is a cheap, beginner acoustic guitar. I'd also love to learn piano.

-When I buy a new album, I obsess over it for approximately two-three weeks. Then I put it away because I can't stand it anymore...sooner or later I'll take it out again and obsess. It's kind of a vicious cycle. Right now I'm back to Taylor Swift's "Speak Now" after taking a two month rest.

-For three-four years now I've said I've wanted a tattoo, but then changed what I wanted. Drastically. So it's a good thing I never went through with it a few years ago.

-I'm pretty much just a big kid at heart. I get excited easily over little things. But, in other ways, I'm an old soul. I relate to people older than me really well. It's strange. I've never quite felt my age. Either drastically younger or older.

-When I was a little kid, I really wanted a black baby doll. One of the parents in the neighborhood told my mom not to buy it, because it was "wrong". When I first heard that story (I was probably 12) I was so mad I wanted to punch someone. I didn't (and still don't) understand- why the HELL is that wrong?

-I have guessed people's thoughts many times. My roommates in college were freaked out by it. I usually just know how people are feeling and what they are going to say. It's a little scary sometimes.

-I would not be able to get through my days without music. (Currently listening to Lady Antebellum's Need You Now album).

-I will drive out of my way for Starbucks. Sometimes to just sit there and write, most of the time for that AND a skinny vanilla latte.

-I have had SEVERAL friends stab me in the back. I've often wondered what I've done wrong for this to happen. I still have no idea.

-I just asked my mom to describe me and she said "Big eyes, sensitive and thoughtful soul. Intuitive". I'll take that :)

-I will not eat anything with BBQ Sauce. Ew. I also despise Sweet Tea. Sorry, south!

-I cry all the time. Commercials, songs, stories. Doesn't take much! Today I cried when I heard Taylor Swift bought her parents a house as a thank you gift.

-I wouldn't mind if it rained every single day. I LOVE rain. Then again, I do love the sunshine. Maybe a good combination of both. With no snow, at all.

-I am extremely nostalgic and hate any kind of change. I get weird when things have to change.

-I watch Bad Girls Club. Not only do I watch it, but I invest myself in it. Probably my biggest guilty pleasure.

-Even though I can't sing, I do killer impressions of other artists. Recently I've pulled off Nicki Minaj (I LOVE HER OKAY), Haley from American Idol, and Adam Lambert. And I must say...I am quite a good rapper.

-I used to want to be an actress, and I'd still jump at the chance to do some acting. Theatre intrigues me.

-I have never broken a bone or been stung by a bee. I have sprained an ankle, though.

-I have only ever lived in Michigan. I love this state, and the city of Detroit, but I'd also be willing to get out in a few years, see something new.

-Mental illness fascinates me. I read books, fiction and non fiction, on the topic. So interesting how different people are affected!

-I have met several American Idol contestants, including Kelly Clarkson. Also met Lady Antebellum, Hanson, and Taylor Swift.

-In high school my friends and I made a really silly video to submit to Oprah for me to meet her. We never received a response. However, one year in college, I wrote a letter to Tyra Banks saying they needed to have plus size girls on America's Next Top Model. Few weeks later? Got her autograph. Next season of ANTM? Plus size girl won. I'M. JUST. SAYING. Take that, OPRAH!

-I've never been one of those girls who plans out their entire wedding years before marriage is actually in the cards. C'mon now.

-Never cheated on a test or forged a signature.

-I think I have the movies "Miss Congeniality" and "Mean Girls" memorized. I once watched Mean Girls 9 times in a week.

-I did a year of Catholic volunteer service at a low-income high school in Detroit. It was the most amazing, eye-opening experience of my entire life. I love this kids to DEATH.


Anonymous said... Add Reply

A tattoo? Really? ??????????
I have just never understood the magic of tattoos.

OH OH OH . . my . . sweet Lord. No barbecue sauce? OMG, are you serious? I thought man could not live without barbecue sauce.
I'm kind of scared of you now, Megan. :-)

WTF about the black baby doll? I swear, when i hear comments like that, it just makes me wonder what in the Hell people are thinking! I'm curious about the rationale they have for what they say, but then again, maybe I don't want to know.

Awww, you're sweet, crying at everything.

Anonymous said... Add Reply

Ah, this crying thing is so much like me! I hate it! It's sooo embarassing! :)
- andrea, an A to Z participant

Megan said... Add Reply

Jena- I asked my mom if this woman gave any rationale, and she said she doesn't remember. She thinks the lady said something like "white kids shouldn't be playing with black dolls". But my mom went out and got me the doll THAT DAY. I still have it. Tattoos can be really beautiful, but like I said, I've changed my mind so much I'm glad I never got one! Sorry about the bbq sauce :)

Wordy- Yep! Happens all the time!