Saturday, April 2, 2011

B-B-B-Best Friends

Today's blog is brought to you by the letter B.

This one was a little harder for me. Books? Bruno Mars? Bono? book review? Backups,? bands? believe? blessed? bananas? beauty? beer? So many to choose from! I asked my mom, and her response was "best friends". Funny, since that was at the top of my list too. So, here you go.

Best Friends.

I'm blessed with some pretty badass best friends.They come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. I've known some of them most of my life, other just a few years. Each of them have been there for me in my celebrations and challenges, and have loved me and supported me no matter what. That's pretty amazing. My perspective of best friend has changed over the years. At a young age it was someone who I had the same interests with- boys, bands, etc. In hs it was a combination of that (theatre, campus ministry, sports), and the emotional connection. college? Well, my first few years of college I had a blinder of what a best friend was. The people I chose to be important in my life ended up doing more bad than good. But that turned around my junior year, when I met Sam. Now I'm a little more careful.

I've learned it's okay to be best friends with my family members. My siblings and siblings-in-law are some of my best friends. I enjoy them, get mad at them, they annoy me, I annoy them, but they still mean the world to me. My parents are my best friends (and roomates. Score).

I have a best friend named Christine who has known me since I was five. Our friendship has been easy. We are there for each other, we support each other, we hav a remarkable understanding for each other. I have a best friend named Dean who I have known for only a year and a 1/2, but, he knows more about me than a lot of other people in my life. Time doesn't matter.

I have a best friend who is younger than me (although I don't really think of it that way, because his maturity level is insane), and a best friend named Gem who is older than me. They both offer me advice, encourage me, motivate me, etc. Age doesn't matter.

I have several best friends who do not live nearby. It's sometimes hard to keep up with them, but it does not strain how I feel about them. The emotional connection is what matters. I pray for them, hope nothing but the best, and love hearing about their lives. Plus it makes it even more special when I do get to see them. Distance doesn't matter.

I guess what I'm saying is. Best friends should come naturally. The connection should be there, no matter what. Make up when you fight, don't leave it out there. Don't ever let things get so bad that you do not spak anymore. Friendships like that are too important to let go.

To every best friend I have had, if time/distance/age is our only excuse, forgive me. To the best friends I have right now, I love you, and thank you.


Anonymous said... Add Reply

"Best friends should come naturally."
This is profound, this is true, this is beautiful!!!!!!

Unknown said... Add Reply

A simple <3 should do. :-)

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It's nice to read about your besties. You are blessed. Welcome to the challenge.

Bev Hankins said... Add Reply

What a great choice for the letter B! It's great to be blessed with terrific best friends. I am and am glad you are too! Stopping by on the A-Z challenge. Here's my Letter B:

Anonymous said... Add Reply

"Best friends should come naturally". So true.
With my Best Friends,
I can be myself!

What do you mean older?
I'm YOUNG at heart! lol

Megan said... Add Reply

Thank you, Jena (Rachel)!

Dean <3

Kelly- Thank you! Love your blog!

Unknown said... Add Reply

I loved this post!! What a great B post!!! Best friends should be celebrated! I have two and they are amazing. Always there when needed.

Just here to welcome you to the A to Z blogging challenge! I'm a co-host, should you have questions don't hesitate to ask! I know we're on day 2 but you are already rockin' it out! I do hope you'll stop by and say hello! We are also having fun on twitter (I'm @jenunedited and we're at #atozchallenge)!