Thursday, May 13, 2010

these are my colors for you

On Saturday, I will be participating in VisionWalk.

VisionWalk is the national signature fundraising event of the Foundation Fighting Blindness. Since its inception in the Spring of 2006, the program has raised over $10 million to fund sight-saving research. As promising treatments move into critical human studies, the need for research funding is greater than ever before.

I've been looking forward to this event for a while, not only because it's going to be the kick off into my spring walking routine, but because it gives me a chance to raise awareness for blindness, and to represent one of the greatest friends I have ever known, Jena. In addition to being one of the most compassionate, understanding, supportive people I have ever known, Jena also happens to be one of the most creative, descriptive, and smartest! Jena is happy to share her story with people, and I am inspired by her confidence and courage. She has written absolutely breathtaking beautiful pieces on how she "sees" things, how she visions things that we so easily take advantage of. She's told me how she sees color, and that she used to "paint pictures" of people through their voices on cassette tapes.

I decided to write a blog on how I see color, using other senses. It's a tough thing to process, because color is so often compared to other items. I will try my best, though.

Red is the color of passion. it's love, war, excitement, embarrassment, rage, or the beating of a heart. It's deep, intense. Red is fire. It's your face turning hot when you are embarrassed or angry, it's the color of the blood that flows through your body. It's the color of your heart. Red is courage, sacrifice, and often used for countries flags. Red means stop. Red is spicy, red is a sweet apple, red is strawberries, red is meat.

Blue is water, peace, serenity. Blue is the waves crashing in the ocean, blue is the sky. Blue is calming. It is strong, but also light and friendly. Blue can make you sleep, but also lower your spirits, because it can be too extreme calming. Blue is first prize, the prettiest eyes. Blue is unexpected, soft, the color of a baby boy's blanket. Blue is clean and fresh, a drink of cold water on a hot day. Blue is fresh.

Yellow is content, happiness. Yellow is the warm sun hitting your face. Yellow is the sweet and sour taste of lemonade. Yellow is springtime and flowers, like daisies and daffodils. Yellow is playfulness, innocence, light, and delicate. It is warm, comfortable. Yellow are school buses and taxi cabs. Yellow is bananas, lemons, corn, and squash.

Green is the earth. Green is freshly mowed grass, green are leaves. Green is mint. Green is cool to touch, clean and fresh, green is positive energy. Green makes me feel renewed and young, to me, green is the color of life. Green gives me hope in new beginnings. Green are turtles, alligators, and frogs. Green can be jealous and envious, green is money. Green is crisp lettuce, spinach, broccoli. Green is God's creation! Green calms my anxiety.

Pink is red's sweet little sister. It is the sweet color of new love. Love for a newborn baby and their pink cheeks, love for puppies, a soft kiss on the cheek. Pink is soft and tender, like a cotton ball. Pink is feminine, quiet, and universal love. Pink provides feelings of caring, tenderness, and acceptance. Pink is sticky Cotton candy and bubblegum. Pink is fresh and lively.

Orange is bright, lively, loud, vibrant, and hot. I don't wear orange because it stands out, and I don't like attention. Orange is tangy, big, and engaging. Orange is athletic. Orange is a bright, healthy fruit bursting with juice. Orange stimulates emotions and appetite. Orange are the leaves changing in the fall, the sun setting, pumpkins, the color of change. Orange is tasted in tangerines, peaches, apricots, and sweet potatoes. Orange is unique, and cheerful.

Purple is royalty, nobility. Purple is Easter and Mardi Gras. Purple is sophisticated and classy. Purple is the taste and smell of grape juice. Purple smells like lilacs. Purple is spirituality, mediation, it is special and sacred. Purple is imagination and creativity. Purple is magic and mystery.


Shari said... Add Reply

I loved this! I've always found it so interesting to think about what different colors represent to different people, and I think that takes on an added aspect when it comes to writing. Your descriptions and everything you associate with the colors definitely make it clear that you have a passion for writing!!

And WHOOHOO for Jena!! :)

Anonymous said... Add Reply

I came over from Jena's blog. I didn't see the link to your post at first so I went back. (I'm mostly blind also.) It seems our description of red and yellow are similar although yours are much better. I will be following you now. You are right. Jena is an inspiration and I'm proud to have her on my blog!

Anonymous said... Add Reply

K not sure if I did it right but hopefully it's got me listed as following you.