Friday, May 28, 2010

American Idol Finale

You knew this was coming.

Although this was one of my least favorite seasons, I would still like to comment on the finale. Instead of babbling on and on, I'll just show you.

Below are my personal favorite parts of the finale.

Kris wasn't my favorite last season, but I love his album, much more than Adam Lambert's lame excuse for a debut album (sorry, Adam). I loved Kris on the finale!

Crystal was my favorite this season. I adored her performance with Alanis. She just seemed to be having so much fun! I can't wait for her album. I will definatley support Crystal.

Even though I didn't want Lee to win, his winning moment was just precious, and one of the most genuine we've seen. I am proud of him and happy for him, but I think I will easily get sick of him.

Above all of these, the absolute best part of the night was when all the past winners (minus Cook) and handful of contestants came on stage to perform a tribute to Simon. Almost all of my favorites were up there: Kelly, Jordin, Melinda, David A, Elliot, Jason, Matt, Allison. Only missing Mandisa. Kelly and Jordin sounded FANTASTIC. It made me realize how much I miss Jordin. Only a few more weeks until I see her again!

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Shari said... Add Reply

LOVED that tribute!! It was SO great to see everyone on stage together - hands down, the best part of the show :)