Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I could really use a wish right now...

Imogen Heap
Incredible. I was lucky to get two free tickets from my friend David, so Sam traveled to the east side of the state along with Lizz and John. I've been a fan of Imogen for a while, but have never seen her live. She was amazing. I have never been to a concert that was so focused on art and the fans. She played every instrument you could imagine, and had her microphone placed on her wrists so she could move around the stage and use the instruments. She also said that before the tour, she had fans in each city vote for what songs they wanted to hear- so every single show on tour is different, and the fans are getting their favorite songs. I was just blown away by that. If my absolute favorite artists did that, I would die. The coolest part of the show, though, was when she announced that she was going to do an improv piece. I wasn't sure what that meant until she said "so- what key do you want me to sing it in?" literally the entire song was chosen by the audience- key, instrument, and tempo. She danced around the stage putting it together, and it was as if we were sitting in her studio, watching her make an album. She then announced that they were going to mix that song THAT night and put it on itunes. The Detroit show audience could then buy it, and all proceeds would go toward Urban Farming in Detroit. She just kept throwing all these surprises at us, it was so amazing. I also REALLY enjoyed how artistic she is. She had recorded birds chirping in a park, put music too it, and bam, she had a song. She recorded a fire crackling, put music to it, and there is a masterpiece. I strongly encourage you to check out her music, especially if you are into artists such as Regina Spektor, Ingrid Michealson, Feist, The Postal Service, Tegan and Sara, Lights, etc.

Garden Party

We had our big fundraiser for Cristo Rey on Sunday. It was hot, but one of my favorite experiences of the year so far. We had our entire staff, a handful of students, and guests come together to support our school. A news anchor from channel 7, Archbishop, and several other important guests came. I loved standing back and watching my students interact with these adutls. Even though they have their moments of terror, the kids always find a way to make me proud. They can hold mature conversations and share their accomplishments as well as their struggles. I also had fun interacting with my co workers, some of whom have become my best friends. We raised money for the school, but we also shared our mission. I hope that each of the people there were as touched as I was when I first heard about Cristo Rey.

Jobs, The Future, Etc.

As most of you know, I have been applying for jobs like...well, like it's my job. I come into school every single day and search. It has been stressing me out, obviously. I had an interview today with an organization that fits my abilities/career goals pretty well. The interview went well, and I will know more in 2 weeks. Even if I don't get the job, I'm glad I got an interview. My self worth was starting to seriously suffer from lack of feedback from all these jobs I have been applying for...so it was refreshing to get an interview, plus good to get practice. I'm trying so hard to just live in the moment and take everything in.

I literally only have ten full days of school left, a few 1/2 days of exams. That terrifies me. Not because of my future so much, but because this past year has been the happiest I can ever remember being. My job is extremly frustrating, and on more than occasion I have wanted to scream or cry or throw something, but it is also the most rewarding job I have ever had. I come home grateful, and, most of the time, look forward to a new day. I'm scared of losing that. I'm scared of losing these kids that I have worked so hard for. I'm scared of losing the kids that have inspired me and helped me to change and overcome my struggles. I'm scared to lose the support of my community and my co-workers. I'm scared I will never be this happy again. What if this is it?

I guess it doesn't have to "be it". I guess part of my happiness has come from within, that I have made the best of every situation...that I am growing and learning to allow myself to make mistakes and still be okay with it. So maybe, whatever happens in the future, it WILL be the "happiest"...as long as I allow it.

I think I'm done rambling now.

Go Crystal.

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Can I just say that I LOVE your attitude and outlook on things? Seriously, so many could take a lesson from your approach. The end of your entry got me thinking about the "happiest time" of our lives ... and you know, I think it's possible to have more than one time that's the happiest, because each is special in its own way and for its own unique reasons. I LOVE that this year has been so amazing for you (and for all the kids who have been lucky enough to be touched by your influence), and I genuinely believe that you will have many more "happiest" times. You deserve all that and more!