Wednesday, May 19, 2010


This spring, The Spill Canvas has released two EP's to hold fans over before their full album, Formalities, is released in the fall. One of the many things I love about their band is consistency. It's always been album, ep, tour. In that order...for seven years. Here are some of my favorite lyrics from their latest EP's: Abormalities and Realities.

Collision’s unavoidable, so don’t tell me it’s all coincidence, cuz it makes sense to me

Can’t help it I’m racing around every bend, hoping that I’ll run into you again

When you look at me with your cinematic eyes, I wanna play that part, but I forget the lines

We never were, and we’ll never be strangers kissing in the pouring rain, chasing after your leaving train, but we know that’s not how our song goes

You know him better than I do…I know I’m not the one for you, I’m just another hand me down

10,000 midnights ago, I held myself back in the front row. You infect my memory, all consuming without mercy.

I stood behind the lens, took your portrait, now I’m forgotten

It was one year off and one year on, wanted to be the muse of every song

Lonely, desolate, uninhabited. In the reaches of no one, nowhere. Come hear your voice again, shifting sediments.

I said you bring out my terrible, it’s oh so wonderful..I can be the first class passion that you’re looking for..I’m your number one all time fan

I don’t remember anything I used to like about you and why I always let you in

For the record, I never wanted this. For the record, I wish we never met and opened up this mess

Everytime I put a little faith in my hopelessness, I recall why I’m such a wreck about you and how you never let me in

All you ever did was use me like a puppet, stringing me along just to let me lose

You are my gateway drug, you pull me down, you mess me up

Tomorrow I will do the handful of songs off their ep's in between their other albums :)

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