Friday, May 21, 2010

live for the moment now

I'm part ecstatic, part livid, and very much in pain.

A little background info? I've been a fan of the Spill Canvas since 2003. They have gone through a lot of changes since then, from band members to musical styles. I personally prefer their older matieral but I still aboslutley adore them. Nick Thomas is the front man and one of my inspirations. He is an absolutley amazing writer, and one heck of a vocalist. He is one of the reasons I write so much. I honestly depend on Spill Canvas to get me through a lot of my days. I am in love with them, and have gone to see them every time they've been in Detroit since 2003 (and a few Grand Rapids shows). I've met the band members a few times, and Nick once. Every concert is a good experience, and I walk away reminded of why I love them.

Tonight, I was reminded once again of why they are my favorite band...I was also reminded, though, how obnoxious some of their fans can be. I was trying to pin it down, and I honestly think it's because the majority of their fanbase are either people my age, or much younger. The people my age have all recently turned 21, so now they just go buckwild. The younger ones only know Spill Canvas for the newer stuff, and therefore think it's acceptable to act like a complete idiot. As much as I love the band, I miss the days of acoustic Nick only shows with just a handful of fans. I'm so proud of their success, but sheesh.

The Opening Acts

-New Politics. I odn't know quite how to describe them. Think screamo mixed with punk mixed with rap mixed with break dancing. That's what New Politics did. Their lead singer was literally jumping around the stage, doing flips and break dancing. I have never, ever seen someone with that much energy for a full set (although Kelly Clarkson comes close). I mean, he literally didn't stop. Whatever he's on, I want some.

-AM Taxi. They were a solid band. I would have been more into it if I had known their songs, but I could tell I liked them. Solid.

-Tyler Hilton. This, unfortuantley, is where things started to get messy. People were starting to get their drink on, and getting anxious for Spill Canvas. I was on the side of the stage where they had to move the barricade to get equipment on and off stage. So, when the security moved it to get Tyler's stuff on, this group of drunk girls LITERALLY attacked myself and the people standing around me, so that they could take our place when the barricade was back up. I didn't even see it coming, all of the sudden I went from 2nd row to about 5th. They were eventually pushed back out, and all was well. I actually ended up in an even better spot. Tyler's set was AMAZING. I've always liked him, this was my first time seeing him live. I really enjoyed it... I also enjoyed his guitarist. :) He was so good! I'm def a supporter.

Spill Canvas
So, when security moved the barricade to get rid of Tyler's equipment, those girls came back...with force. The girls near me WERE NOT having it, and pushed back. I wasn't even doing anything, just standing there, yet I kept getting squished. Eventually, the drunk girls ended up right next to me. Now, the funny thing, is that one of them is the SAME girl that looked me in the eyes two years ago at a Spill Canvas show and said "Imma puke"...and then put her head on my shoulder until security pulled her out. So, when I saw her again at this concert, I said "oh hell no". (excuse my language). She obviously had no idea who I was, but I gently touched her arm and said "Okay. Here's the thing. We're all at this concert for a reason- the music. So, I would really appreciate if you would stop pushing and just step back and enjoy. I know you're trying to have fun, but so are the rest of us. So please don't ruin it". Just then, the lights came down and my boys walked on stage.

Let me just say, that the majority of the show was freaking amazing. I'm going to start with the negatives and end positive.

-It was FREAKING HOT. A couple times, I considered leaving and heading to the balcony, but then I decided I had gotten pushed around too much to leave. I thought I was going to pass out a few times, and one girl down the row did pass out. The band was literally soaking wet.
-At the very end of the show, they played "All Over You", the only song that has ever gotten radio play...therefore, all the little teeny boppers knew it. For some STRANGE reason, they decided to mosh pit. Now, I've been to 10 Spill Canvas concerts in my life, and never has anyone started a mosh pit. It was mostly guys, but a few girls were involved as well. There were two girls next to me that were TEENY TINY and kept getting beat by these guys. So I eventually put my arms over them and said "I promise I'm not being a creep, I'm just trying to help you". So everytime we'd get a hurd of boys trying to push us, I was their little protective bubble. They thanked me later.
-The encore made me SO HAPPY at first because it was one of my top three favorite songs, and right before they came out to sing it, I was like "the one thing that would make this show better is All Hail The Heartbreaker". Then they came out and sang it, and I was ecstatic. Until...those same DUMB boys started moshing again, and this time a body literally GOT THROWN AT ME. This kid was bodysurfing, and his friends LAUNCHED him into the air. He fell right on me. It HURT. I knelt down to the ground covering my head because it had hurt so bad. He was on the ground laughing his ass off.
-I didn't get the setlist or to talk to them. I always try to get the setlist for their shows, and this time I failed...mainly because of my lack of energy. I also opted out of staying and talking to them by the vans because I was SO angry at the other fans. I mean seriously. This is why I'm not friends with Spill Canvas fans. I'm sad I missed out on talking to them, I wanted to thank Nick and Dan.

The positives:
-My moment with Joe. As I was walking in the venue, Joe (the drummer) was walking out to the van. There was a crowd of people, so it was tough for him to get out. I said "Hey Joe!" and he said "hey darling. Can I get through?" and then puts his arms around me and moves me slightly. "Thanks babe!". Swoon. We all know how I feel about drummers.
-The setlist (which I didn't get) was OUTSTANDING. They played all my favorite songs (except Dutch Courage).
-I heard Self Conclusion live for the first time. Nick does this one as a solo acoustic, and it is my FAVORITE song...but I never hear it live. It's always done on their tour at a few shows, but never Detroit/Grand Rapids. Tonight, he sang it. He was like "this is an older song...that has had a lot of meaning to me lately..." and when those first notes started, I stopped moving. I forgot all about the heat and the pushing and was just so into that moment. That song has played a HUGE role in repairing my broken heart and spirit. It has been a life changing song for me...and to hear it live for the first time, a time when I am going through so much stress, was amazing.
-I had many moments with Dan. I specifcially stood on Dan's (guitar/vocals) side of the stage when I first got there, because besides Nick, he's my favorite bandmember...mostly because homeboy can SANG. I am now half regretting standing there because of everything that went on...but also half loving it. Since I was CLEARLY the only one on that side of the stage who was sober, Dan and I shared quite a few moments. I think my favorite was at the very beginning in "Polygraph Right Now" at the line "angel what are you hiding from me" when he looked angry at me and then blew me a kiss. He also tried to throw me his pick, but drunk girl got in the way.
-I had three moments with Nick, and, ironically, they were during my three favorite songs. Perhaps I was the most into them, and that's why? I'm not sure. All I know is that the first two brought me to tears. One was during "The Tide" which is an extremly emotional song to begin with...and we locked eyes at one of the "live for the moment" lines...ironic again, because that's something I am needing a reminder of lately! The second time was during Self Conclusion. I was in tears already kind of, and he had been glancing my way, but then he stared RIGHT AT ME and sang "settle precious, I know what you're going through". SQUEEEEE.
The final moment with Nick was during All Hail The Hearbreaker. As I kneeled on the ground when the body was thrown at me, I looked up at the stage and saw Nick mouth "oh shit". It was during the instrumental part of the song, so then he continues looking at me all concerned and sings "So don't go worrying about me, it's not like I think about you maybe I do, but that shouldn't affect your life anymore..." I was in pain, so I was half singing back, half cringing. He nodded at me as if to say "are you okay", so I got back up and started singing along again.
-Screaming my lungs out "ALL HAIL THE HEARTBREAKER" at the very end of the show was the best way to end the night.

Overall, I had a good time. I would have rather not had those fans around, but nothing beats seeing Spill Canvas live. Just someone PLEASE remind me next time I see them to sit in a balcony. I want to see them open for Goo Goo Dolls at DTE, depending on ticket prices. We'll see...

My heart hurts. I'm going to take some tylenol and SLEEP IN tomorrow. Goodnight!

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Ugh, it's so frustrating when people like that put a damper on the whole experience for everyone. I'm glad you still had a good time! :)