Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Weight Loss Wednesday: New Year's Edition

Left side: July 2013. Right side: December 2013.

This is an exciting post for me. Because 2014 isn't a year of resolutions. I don't need to feel guilty for neglecting to do things in 2013. I started them. 2014 is going to be about finishing them.

My weight loss was, hands down, the greatest thing about 2013. It changed my life. When I first started, I had a few friends who worried about me. They worried I was putting too much pressure on myself, and that I should be happy with who I am, not so focused on changing myself. But the thing is, I had to change myself. My health was in danger and my mood was disturbing. My emotions were all over the place and my depression was seeping through.

Not anymore. 

I can walk up the steps without getting out of breath. I can do a whole 45 minutes on the treadmill. I can fit into clothes 2-3 sizes smaller. I can look in the mirror and like what I see. I can wake up in the mornings with energy and excitement. My entire life has changed.

I never, ever thought I could do this. I've tried it all before, without any success, or with short term success. Then I gave up. This time, I didn't give up. I kept pushing, and I will keep pushing. There is no giving up this time and no turning back. There will be obstacles, and set backs, but I am on my way, and I will keep pushing, no matter what it takes.

Throughout this weight loss journey, most people have been totally supportive. But some have been- not so supportive. I've had people roll their eyes when I order broccoli instead of fries. I've had someone tell me I post too much about my weight loss journey, I've had people totally dismiss me when I talk about the gym. It used to hurt my feelings. But in those instances, I have to remember I am not doing this for anyone else but my damn self. Their words don't mean a thing to me, the only thing that matters is how I feel.

I know I have said this before, but I still have a very long way to go. 32 lbs is great, and you already know how great I feel, but in order to be in my best health and my best shape, I have about 100 more lbs to lose. I know that's a big number. I know that sounds like a lot. I know I may not even make that 100 lbs by this time next year (but I hope I do!). But I am not going to give up. 

At first I thought I didn't have the strength to do this without other people helping me. I thought I would give up unless I had people constantly encouraging me. Now, I know I can do this, whether or not someone tells me "Hey, good job". I'm not saying I don't appreciate the encouragement, because I surely do, more than I can ever express. It gives me a little push, and it certainly makes me happy. But I don't solely depend on it. I depend on my own two legs and my brain. 

But friends, even though I know I can do this, don't give up on me. I still love having cheerleaders. I will still be looking to celebrate my victories with you, just as I want to celebrate your victories with you. 

In the comments, either on the blog or on facebook, or via a private message, I want you to tell me a goal you're working on. Maybe it's weight loss or writing or learning an instrument. Maybe it's finding a church or learning to cook or heck, maybe it's even beating a new level in candy crush. But I am going to keep a list of your goals, and pray for you every night. I can promise you that. So share it with me. I look forward to hearing them.


Shari said... Add Reply

I've said before how inspiring your journey is, and also how proud of you I am, but I don't think I've mentioned how happy I am for you. This right here, your words, your dedication ... it's proof that we can do anything we set our minds to. You sound so genuinely joyful about it, and that makes me smile, because you deserve all the happiness in the world. I look forward to continuing to celebrate your wonderful victories!

My goal is, of course, to find an agent who will take me on so I can finally have a book published. Also, you are so sweet to keep a list of everyone's goals! <3

Onthejourney said... Add Reply

Way to go, Megan! You're definitely an inspiration! My only goals are for a healthy baby (well, keeping him healthy) and to find a new job! I'll keep on praying for you, too!

Don said... Add Reply

I'm going to remember how to learn to be happy, content, and inspired by the blessings I have without always agonizing about what I didn't do, don't have, or what I think will make me happier.

And I'm going to get back in shape enough to run a 5K, again.

Don said... Add Reply

Oh. And one more thing. Great post and congrats on all you did in 2013 despite having things that would've derailed many people who might've turned to food and TV and sleeping as a coping mechanism.

N Sizzle said... Add Reply

Megan, you are FABULOUS!