Thursday, December 26, 2013

Post Christmas Reflection

My dad has declared this Christmas as "the best Christmas ever".

I would have to agree. You know, people say that as you get older you lose the Christmas spirit, but I am finding I am gaining more Christmas spirit each year. Sure, it's not as fun to run down the steps and see what Santa brought you. But Christmas is different now, more special. There is less focus on gifts and more focus on being with family and loved ones.

It is an absolute joy for me to watch my nephew take out every single Lego out of the box and put every single one back in. I cracked up when we were playing a version of charades and he walked around, throwing blank pieces of paper in the bowl so that he could be included. I giggled watching him eat the whipped cream and ask for more. And I absolutely love when he leans against me, uses me to help pull himself back up, gives me kisses, or scrunches his face at me. There is no love like the love I have for that little boy.

My family is amazing. My sister in law made me laugh so hard I actually spit out wine all over my brother. My dad gave a beautiful speech at dinner. We are all connected in a way that is indescribable, but visible. It's very easy to see the love and respect we all have for one another. (Most of the time, anyway).

And then there's Tom. You know, for so long I was convinced I would never find someone who would understand my anxiety, who would love my family as much as I do, who would be there for me every step of the way. But I have found that guy in Tom. And I am so lucky. I am always excited to see him. It was very special for me to have him around yesterday.

We spent yesterday opening gifts, playing games, cooking, and eating. It was a beautiful day. And in an instant, the day is over. I drove into work this morning a little sad, wishing I could have taken the day off to spend it with my family, who are all off of work and hanging out all day. Unfortunately, though, if I want to go to Florida, I need to work as many days as possible.

What if every day was like Christmas? I mean, I know we can't buy each other a ton of gifts every day and all that jazz, but what if the spirit of Christmas existed every day?  I suppose it would take a way some of the magic and wonder. But maybe if we took just a sprinkle of all the love shared on Christmas and carried it with us every day, we'd be happier people.

I am looking forward to getting through the next few days. After I run to my house to check on things and shovel the driveways tonight, I am leaving again and having yet another sleepover at my parents house, soaking up as much family time as I can. Saturday and Sunday, I am giving myself "vacation days" and spending both days on the couch, watching Netflix.

As far as weight loss Wednesday goes, as of Tuesday I had lost 32 lbs total. However, I am pretty convinced I probably gained 1 lb back yesterday. I let myself eat what I wanted yesterday, and afterwards felt so lethargic and full that I will probably never do that again.

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas with your families/loved ones!

Sidenote: My three favorite gifts were: Memory blanket Sara made me (fleece blanket full of pictures of me and my family and friends!), Wizard of Oz 75th Anniversary book from Tom, and the John Mayer vinyl record from Tom's aunt. What were your favorite gifts?


Shari said... Add Reply

I'm so glad you all had such a magical holiday. You more than deserve it! :) What an incredible idea that blanket is -- using it will be like literally wrapping yourself in the beautiful memories!

Rob-bear said... Add Reply

I, too, am glad you had such a wonderful day! I got fire irons to the fireplace, and used them on fires Christmas eve and Christmas day. Today is a much quieter day, for catching up with friends all over the world. That's nice too. We shall go for a walk in a while, and I shall shovel up the snow that fell today.

And so nice you have Tom in your life!

Blessings and Bear hugs. Best wishes for 2014.