Tuesday, July 9, 2013

God Moments.

This is a topic that I've touched on many, many times in this blog and will probably continue to discuss until the day I hit that "delete account" button. Which isn't happening anytime soon, might I add.

My repetitive point? God knows what you need, when you need it.

I firmly believe that and I always will.

Let's take last week, for example. I had a really, really rough week. My anxiety peaked, I barely slept, and my debit card number was stolen on Friday. I just didn't feel in the best of moods.

On my drive from the gym on Sunday morning back to my house, a million things were going through my mind. I wondered if I'd be able to pay for my groceries, if a close friend was angry with me, I worried about another friend going through a hard time. I was energized from working out but also deeply confused and emotional.

That was when U2's "Beautiful Day" started playing on the radio. I smiled, listened, and changed the station. "One" by U2 was playing on another station. And finally, as I pulled into the grocery store, I switched to yet another station to find "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" by U2. Weird, right? Not really.

Laurence, my amazing, sweet cousin who passed away at age 16 from a brain cancer, was the biggest U2 fan I ever met. I knew, in that moment, that he was trying to tell me something. I mean three U2 songs don't just play on three different radio stations all the time. It was my message from Laurence that everything is going to be okay, and that he continues to watch over me.

EDIT: Since writing this blog, I found out exactly what Laurence was trying to tell me. When I left the gym tonight, I once again heard a U2 song, "Mysterious Ways". Moments later, I was on the phone with my parents, who informed me that Patrick, Laurence's dad, is in the ICU because as he was mixing pool chemicals, they exploded. He is going to be okay, but it will be a long road. His lungs were injured and he has burn marks on his face. Please keep him in your prayers as he recovers.

Things like that are "God moments" for me.

Other moments are conversations with complete strangers that make me walk away feeling fulfilled. Like the other night when I was at Gilda's Club. I was doing my usual front desk duty when a cheerful older woman walked in. She started chatting away as I took her to get a cup of tea and walk her to her meeting. She asked my name, and when I told her she said "OH! God's pearl!". Then she asked for my middle name, and her response to that was "Oh! God's promise!". I smiled and told her she was good and that she sure knew her names. She laughed and said "well you'll get me if your last name could also be a first name.". Well, it can. So I told her my last name and she clapped and gasped and said "STRONG WOMAN! and joy! your name means joy!" She was so happy to share this information with me, and I was happy to see how excited she was. I smiled the rest of the night.

The last moment, or example, is when special people being brought into your life. My roomies and I were having a late night wine induced convo about this stuff the other day, about knowing that certain people are brought into your life for a reason. I brought up my coworkers. That even though not every day at my job is paradise, I wouldn't swap my coworkers for anything, and I know that they were supposed to be in my life. I have learned so much from them. I've celebrated three birthday's with them and I really, truly feel like I have grown up at this job. Since I've specifically mentioned other coworkers before in this blog, for this example I'll use Peggy, our clinical supervisor. She didn't always hold that role. Up until a year ago she was out in the field as a nurse case manager. I barely even saw her, only every other Wednesday for our team meeting. But even back when she was in the field, I felt a special connection to her. I never really knew why. But now that she's in the office every day with me, I know why. I know she and I have a special relationship that I can't quite explain. She is tough on me when she needs to be but I also know we care about each other. It's sorta mother/daughterish. There have been days when I've come into work really not sure if I could make it, either due to a rough night or just too much going on. She notices. She'll call me into her office or come into mine and close the door and ask me what's wrong. Once she said "I can see it in your eyes". She asks about my weight loss progress and supports me in that (except she did force me to eat banana pie today).

Another person would be my mom's friend Paula. She's the one who really kickstarted this whole weight loss journey thing and honestly she was the kind of person I needed to do so. She's a doctor herself so she helped me figure out all of the blood work stuff, set me up an appointment with the gym, etc. She was gentle but honest in her approach of what I needed to do to get healthy. I am extremely grateful she was brought into my life so that I could get going on this.

So yeah, I know this post may be a little boring or repetitive, but I just had to share some more reminders of God's role in my life and the music and people He brings into it every day.

Tell me some of your "God moments", or " A ha moments".


Dee @ A Deecoded Life said... Add Reply

It's true, God really does work in mysterious ways, as my mom puts it. My God moment is actually my mom's, but it's the reason why I exist. You can read about it here if you haven't before -> http://deecoded.blogspot.sg/2011/09/how-i-met-your-father.html

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Miracles are most often the timing of natural events. Always stay open to the Holy Spirit's presence in your life... Cousin Patrick...