Friday, July 12, 2013

Ellie Goulding/Bruno Mars concert

When I parked my car this morning, I grabbed my iced coffee and purse and ran through the doors, past our lovely receptionist and right into my coworker Sue's office. I slammed my stuff down on the table and leaned myself against the wall with the biggest smile on my face, and all I could say was "SUE".

That, my friends, is my morning after reaction to the Ellie Goulding/Bruno Mars concert.

I told you few weeks ago about my love for these artists, and mentioned that I'd be seeing them live. The concert was even better than I could have imagined.

We got there JUST in time for Ellie. The usher took our tickets as she was singing her first song. Ellie's set was about 40 minutes long, and in those 40 minutes I heard some of my favorite songs from her, including "Figure 8", "Explosions", and "Only You". She played the drums in a few of the songs and shook her hair all over the place in beat with the music. She closed her set with three of her hits- "Anything Could Happen", "Need Your Love", and "Lights". The crowd went crazy for "Anything Could Happen". It was like suddenly everyone woke up and realized who was on the stage. I was already a fan of Ellie, but now I'm an even bigger fan and want to see her live again.

We had to wait about another 40 minutes for Bruno to hit the stage, but it was well worth the wait. I'll take you through most of the concert happenings, but I just want you to know ahead of time that this is one of those concerts where I was in a complete state of bliss for 99% of the time- just one minor moment of sadness, but that will be explained in a bit.

So he opened the show with "Moonshine" and I knew immediately we were in for a treat. Bruno and his band are so in sync with one another. There are no crazy gimmicks, set changes, or backup dancers- the boys just do their thing. They dance, sing, and play instruments, and it's pretty obvious within seconds of the show how passionate they are.

Bruno's next song was "Natalie", which, is one of my favorite songs from his new album, in fact it is tied for the favorite spot. It's an angry song, but it's so upbeat and catchy that I cannot help but love it. I was happy and could have gone home right then and there just because I got to hear that song live. I can't remember the last time I had that much fun screaming angry words outloud.

Now, since some of my tweets didn't go through last night, I am not sure the exact order of the rest of the concert but I'll do my darndest to explain it to ya'll. He sang "Treasure", his latest single, which is a fun throwback type song that I blast when I hear in the car, and last night I danced my tail off to it.

Bruno sang "Billionaire", which is really the song that put him on the map when he was a guest artist on the track with Travis  McCoy. I legit almost cried because the words in that song talk about how one day he'll be famous, playing in a different city every night. And now, fours years later, here he is, playing an arena show with hundreds of people singing the words to his song. He's come so far since Billionaire!

He then sang part of "The First Time", off his debut album, and that is when I REALLY started to flip. His voice was just. Incredible. He got really into the song and it was very...intimate.

He did "Marry You", and the crowd loved it. Most people know that song, it has become a popular wedding tune and was done well on Glee.

Then Bruno did my favorite song from the new album, If I Knew. He introduced it by saying it was influenced by Motown music. Which, if you give the song a listen, is pretty obvious. It's very old school. At the end of the song he mashed it with his 2010 hit "It Will Rain", from  the Twilight Soundtrack. The two songs mashed well together and I wasn't expecting to hear "It will Rain" so I was pretty pumped. His voice in these two songs in particular was absolutely killer.

So Bru Bru took a little break from singing to interact with a lucky girl in the front row. He chatted with her and challenged his bandmates to "swoon her". One of this bandmates, Phillip, who's been around since the beginning, said the something like "you should just runaway with us" which made Bruno go into a little bit of "Runaway", a song that is not featured on his albums. It is my favorite "unknown" Bruno Song. I screamed so loud because I was NOT expecting that. In fact, earlier that night, I was explaining to Lauren how I became a Bruno Mars fan, which is that one day I was bouncing around youtube and I randomly stumbled on "Runaway". I fell in love with the voice, and that's how my love for Bruno came about. So to hear just a teaser of that song was incredible. Then, of course, they went into a fan favorite "Runaway Baby". The band really gets into that song.  The dance moves were- wow.

Can't remember when exactly he sang "Show Me", a reggae type song, but he did, and even though it's not a hit, people loved it.

Bruno took his guitar at one point and started an acoustic version of "Nothin on You", which he is again a guest vocal on for rap singer B.O.B. I loved that he did this song, and everyone in the audience did too. I think everyone had kind of forgotten about that song until we heard it again!

Then Bru Bru came out with just him and the microphone. He teased his next song by saying "this is the hardest song I've ever written, and the hardest song I ever have to perform live". It was, of course, "When I Was Your Man". For personal reasons, I hate that song, and turn it every time I hear it on the radio, so I had a difficult time functioning during the live performance of it. I had to sit down and kind of buried my head in my hands. It was a bit of a downer for me, but I cannot deny that Bruno's voice was heartbreaking and chilling as he sang it. You could tell it was very difficult for him.

Bruno got a little break after that song as his keyboard player did a killer solo. The lights turned red, and my gut told me "Grenade" was about to happen. My gut was right. Crowd went crazy and Bruno performed it in a way I can't really describe. They changed the outro a bit to drag it out, so that he kept repeating "you won't do the same" again and again. It was....amazing.

Last song before the encore was another fan favorite, "Just The Way You Are". Bruno looked so happy to sing that tune, dedicating it to us in Detroit (and yes, I realize he does that with every city, but darn it, I felt special). It was a fun little sing a long with the crowd and the band.

The lights went out and the band left the stage, but of course we knew they'd be back to sing the hit "Locked Out of Heaven", which they did, and sprayed gold glitter flakes all over the arena floor. Everyone was dancing and jumping up and down.

I really thought the show was over, and all of the sudden a neon green gorilla flashed on the screen. I. LOST. IT. I knew what was coming- the very inappropriate yet absolutely amazing song, "Gorilla". I was shocked that he closed the show with that song but honestly what better way to say goodnight than to leave us with a song like that. Well, the children and their parents in the audience probably didn't appreciate it, but I sure did.

I walked out of that show with the biggest smile. It was honestly in my top five favorite concerts, and I say that a lot, but I mean it. It was an experience. A girl walking out next to me felt the same way. I heard her say to her friend "I only knew one song, and I've been to a million concerts, but that's the best concert I've ever seen". I mean COME ON. You don't say that about a concert where you only know ONE song! Just shows how incredible he is as a performer.

It's the best $40 I've spent in a long time. I really encourage you to see Bruno if he comes to your town- Sam said so last night and I agree- this is a show you go to, no doubt about it. You go. It's entertaining, it's good music.

Can you tell I had a good time? Because I had like, a really, really good time. It was one of those nights where I was so lost in the music I didn't even care that people were probably staring at me like I was a fool.  All I know is I was with my two best friends and had one of the best times I've had in a while.


Dee @ A Deecoded Life said... Add Reply

Glad you enjoyed yourself! I like Bruno's songs, though I know only the most popular ones like Just the way you are and marry you. I ought to listen to his albums in their entirety.

Samantha May said... Add Reply

Glad you had a great time! I haven't been to a concert in such a long time. I'm way jealous :D

Elizabeth Rosalyn said... Add Reply

Happy you had such a fun time at the show! It's amazing how many hits Bruno has spawned since his debut just a few years ago!