Tuesday, July 30, 2013

9 Months

Dear Ryan,
My birthday was yesterday and the best gift was that I got to see you. I kept talking about it all day, that I was most excited to be able to see you at dinner. You sat right next to me and I fed you bananas and applesauce. You made a big mess, but you sure love those bananas. It was so good to see you and have you next to me. You did totally try to steal one of my gifts, though. Except you only wanted the paper. I let you have it. The poor people at the restaurant had a big mess to clean up.

Oh! And guess what? You're like totally crawling now. It's so weird! Just a few weeks ago, you couldn't do it and now you're crawling all over the place. And you're starting to love that dog Clancy of yours even more now that you have more strength to pull on his ears and his hair. He loves you too. He protects you.

I got to see you swim around in your little pool a few weeks ago. You were so happy splish splashing around. I hope you continue to love the water, because kid, we've GOT to get you to Ft. Walton Beach! I can't go in the salt water with you because I'm allergic, but the pool, count me in!

Your mommy and daddy went on a trip over the weekend so Grandma and Grandpa Carolin stayed with you. They took such good care of you. They are wonderful grandparents to you and they adore you. They raised us all so well, and now they are passing on their wisdom to you. You were in such good care and comfort with them. You're lucky to have them as grandparents. Very lucky. Don't ever forget that.

We are just 3 months away from you turning 1 year old. It's so hard to believe it's happening that quickly. I'll never forget that day or holding you for the first time. I'll never forget that little smile of yours. You are the most important person in my life, Ry. I love you!

Love, Aunt Megan

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Oh my goodness, nine months already? Wasn't he just born?!