Monday, July 29, 2013

26th Birthday!

I'm 26 today.

That feels old, to me.

Probably because when I was 16 and dreaming of my life 10 years ahead, I imagined I'd be married, have this really awesome job, maybe even be pregnant or have a kid.


I'm 26, trying to figure out this whole dating thing, have a pretty okay job, and I am most definatley not pregnant nor do I have a kid.

But that's okay. I've really learned to be happy with my age and not put so much stress on myself to find my happily ever after. Because in reality life IS a happily ever after. We're here and we're alive and breathing and shouldn't that be enough? I just play life day by day, one step and one bill at a time.

Last year I loved my birthday post. I'm not so sure I can top it this year. Instead, I am going to list random facts about my birthday.

  • I share a birthday with Martina McBride and Elise Testone (American Idol Season 10).
  • My birthday is Oprah's 1/2 birthday. That makes us soul sisters, obviously.
  • As a kid I could never bring in birthday treats on my actual birthday. Once in a while I'd bring them on my 1/2 birthday, just to feel normal.
  • Every day at Mercy they announce the birthdays of students and staff. Summer birthday's get missed. My sophomore year, my friends got special permission to announce my 1/2 birthday so that I could feel special.
  • The most sentimental birthday present I ever received was from my friend Alicia. She got a mirror and decorated it, and then put a post it on it that said  something like "You've given me a gift I could ever ask for- YOU!".
  • Coolest birthday I had was last year, when I got to have breakfast with Melinda Doolittle, my favorite Idol contestant ever.
  • On my 1st Birthday I shoved my hands into the cake and then all over my hair. I had to take a bath before I could open presents.
  • My family doesn't do anything huge for birthday's, but we always got to pick our favorite meal. I usually picked sish kabobs.
  • I seem to be out of town for my birthday a lot. Chicago with my daddy, up north with my friends growing up, Mercy Volunteer Corps orientation, Indianapolis the past two years.
  • Fire is the element for those born on July 29th. I just learned this today, and it's weird, because it's the symbol I chose when I was a retreat leader in high school. We are supposed to have a very positive energy and enthusiasm.
  • There is a hilarious video of me on my 2nd birthday opening a gift. It's a big box and I am so excited that I rip it to shreds and then peek in. I see it's Big Bird and start yelling "BIG BIRD BIG BIRD" and try to tear it out of the box. My mom leaves to go get it out of the box and I push aside every other gift I got in anticipation.
  • Today my coworkers went freaking above and beyond. I got a beautiful, delicious cake from a well known bakery, cards, wine, a Taylor Swift album, and a fruit basket.
I have enjoyed my 26 years here on Earth. I know that sounds kinda silly, but I have. I've had a lot of ups and downs and twists and turns. But I'm here and I'm alive. I've picked up something from each and every person I've met, I've been influenced by words, music, and art. I love people and hearing stories. I try to be positive, and when I am not I have someone in my life who whips me into shape. I aim to please, I want to help other people, I hate to see people get sad. I love nature and quiet time and comfy clothes. I have a strong faith and believe that God is right by my side. He has put some amazing people in my life.

Happy Birthday to me, and thank you to each and every single one of you who have influenced my life. I think that's the best part about my life. Each of you. I know a lot of people read this but don't comment or tell me you read it, and I just want you to know if you're reading this right now, I love the crap out of you and I hope you're happy today. I hope you find peace or hope or sunshine or whatever it is you need. And please know that you are special to me. Hugs to everyone!


Shari said... Add Reply


I love this post ... your vivacity and optimism shine through each word. You're so right: living is a happily-ever-after and everyone should remember that always.

So glad you're having such a special day. You deserve it!

Dee @ A Deecoded Life said... Add Reply

Happy birthday girl! Glad your friends made you feel special today. Indeed you are blessed.

This is my first time to read about 1/2 birthdays, btw.

ZaSentaMan said... Add Reply

Happy Birthday!!! I'm glad you're having such a wonderful time. Always be smiling!

Kate @ Another Clean Slate said... Add Reply

Hope you had an amazing birthday! You are now in your late 20s :)

Samantha May said... Add Reply

Happy birthday!

I'm about to turn 20 and it's definitely a weird feeling!!