Sunday, July 28, 2013

Girls Weekend!

For a few months now, a group of gals and I have been planning a trip to head to Northern Michigan for the weekend. I've got to hand it to my friend Kristen for handling all the details. Thanks Kristen!

My roommates and I packed up Lauren's car on Friday morning and headed up 75. The trip was quick (mostly because I slept for all of it). We met up with the other group of girls (four of them) at the local grocery store to get some essential items for the weekend. We grabbed lunch and then found our cute little cottage. After throwing our bags on the beds and putting groceries away, we headed to the beach. know.. it was cloudy and cold outside. Michigan weather has officially gone bipolar on us, folks. So since the beach didn't work out, we headed to the indoor pool instead. That's where the fun started. A group of 7 girls in the pool, doing synchronized swimming and taking silly pictures. Acting like we were children. Laughing hysterically. Just the way it should be.

After our pool time we went back to the cottage and had a great family meal together- pasta, salad, and garlic bread. We talked, listened to music, popped in a Disney sing a long VHS. Everything a girls weekend should be. It was soon discovered that I would be the bug killer for the weekend. Once in a while I'd hear a collective "MEGAN!" and I'd come running, squashing bugs and flushing them down the toilet. The best one was when I shot down the stairs, jumped over two of the girls, and got a spider with one fell swoop. Bug Killing Skills, you guys. I have them.

Saturday morning started early. We all got ready, ate breakfast and hopped in the cars to head to Mackinac Island.  We took the ferry from Mackinaw City over, which takes you under the bridge. It was really awesome, but also FREEZING because it was once again chilly outside, and with the wind mixed in it felt like we had suddenly moved to Alaska. Brr. But it was still a beautiful view. I'm glad we chose that option!

When we got on the Island we did a little shopping, and then we rented bikes and took a bike ride around the island. This was my favorite part of the weekend. The 7 of us in a single file line riding our bikes for 8 miles. Early on in the ride, we spotted the Catholic church on the Island. Lauren and Sam knew I wanted to stop there and came in with me, and everyone else waited outside for me. The church is beautiful, and I realized it was started by Jesuits, which made me even happier. Lauren I discovered a mini "museum" in the church basement and I'm sure she noticed the massive smile on my face. It just felt right to be in there. I felt something in that Church.

I took it upon myself to be last in line on our bike ride. I wanted to make sure everyone else was okay, and it was fun to watch them have fun. We'd stop every few miles to take pictures, and we laughed a lot during the ride. I kept yelling things out to my friends, but since I was in the back I really couldn't hear them. I made myself laugh, a lot. I looked like a darn fool, riding my bike and smiling so big. But I don't care, because those two hours were pretty perfect.

After the bike ride our group split up, and Sam, Lauren, and I finished our shopping. We found a lot of cool things, got some fudge (a must at Mackinac Island), and people watched. There were a few weddings happening that day, and it was cute to see everyone dressed up.

Our crew took the 5:30 ferry back to Mackinaw City to get our cars. This time we rode on the bottom of the ferry so we'd be warm. Excellent choice. By the time we got back to our cottage, our tummies were grumbling. Lauren and I grilled the brauts (please be proud of us, we don't grill). While the other girls made corn and salad. Lauren and I only had one moment of panic, but I'd say we did pretty well. We giggled, sipped on beer, and cooked the meat. We felt so accomplished.

After we ate and cleared the table, we wanted to start a campfire. Except none of us have done that before. But, somehow, Lauren and I got it going. It took a while. It would start and then go out, but we eventually got a really good fire going. And again, we only had one moment one of panic when Lauren's pants almost caught on fire, but other than that, we ROCKED that fire. I was so proud of us! Then our group just sat around the fire, chatting, watching videos, making videos, laughing. Eventually it started to rain so we headed back inside for more story telling and laughing. It was another favorite moment from the weekend.

I think we all slept pretty well Saturday night. After biking 8 miles and walking probably 4 or 5, we were pretty exhausted. Our bodies were thankful for the rest.

Sunday morning Sam, Lauren and I packed up our car and headed out earlier than the rest of the gang. We had a lovely breakfast and drove for a few hours before stopping at Frankenmuth, another Michigan favorite. We went to Bronner's Christmas Store, the largest Christmas store in the United States, and each bought a few ornaments. We poked around a few other stores, grabbed a big lunch, and then sailed on home.

It was honestly a really great weekend. The weather sucked, but the company was spectacular and the beauty of Michigan made it all worth it. Plus I loved spending so much time with my roommates, even though I see them almost every day. Our friendship just seems to get stronger, and I'd do anything for those two. At one point on our bike ride the two of them were in front of me and I just said "guys? I love you.". I do. They are amazing friends.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the weekend. They probably won't make sense to most of you, but I gotta save these somewhere!"

"One of these days some lucky fella's gonna get an Ipass"-Mary
"Can a bear like come in the house?"-Sam
"The pants girl the pants!"-Mary
"Look, it looks like afterbirth"-Mary
"Squirt something in there!"-Tracy
"It's either fireworks...or a bear"-Me
"I feel like I'm straddling a pole"-Kristen
"How do you use a vcr?"-Julie
"Let me set the die"-Lauren
"It's either leaves...or bacon"-Mary
"How do I change my profile picture?" Sam "Just change it"-Kristen
"They never have Lady and the Tramp stuff. Guess they have something against tramps"-Sam

As you can tell, that Mary girl is pretty darn hilarious. She had us cracking up. Everyone was so fun this weekend, I just loved it. Thank you girls for such a beautiful time!


Dee @ A Deecoded Life said... Add Reply

Sounds like such a happy time! Now i want to do the same with my friends.

Shari said... Add Reply

What a wonderful weekend! You're lucky to have special friends (and they're lucky to have you) ... such a gift. Everything sounds so delightful, and I'm really happy for you that you had such a great time! :)