Monday, February 15, 2010

weekend update

I had another great weekend that left me grateful for this experience and the people in my life :) Jason and Meghan came over on Friday to watch the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics...although I could barely keep my eyes open, it was a nice evening with great friends.

Saturday I woke up and did some chores, laid around, and then saw Valentine's Day with Katie, Julie, and Amanda at the Ren Cen. I was expecting a cheesy, feel-good movie. It was exactly what I expected. I mean, it was a hot mess version of Love Actually, but I still enjoyed the movie. I had to laugh out loud at some of the obnoxiously cheesy parts, but I also teared up at some unexpected heart worming moments. After the movie, I went to dinner with the roomies. Since our Pittsburgh trip got cancelled, we decided to spend some of the money we had saved up. We went to The Traffic Jam and enjoyed delicious food and conversation. When we got home, Dave and I stayed in and watched "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" while Katie and Nate met some of our friends at the Corktown Tavern.

Sunday was a pretty lazy day. After Church and a breakfast out, I sat around most of the day. This weather has really got me down...and it's not the snow, it's the GLOOMY cloudy skies every single day. I need some sunshine in my life.

Today we have off, for a "winter break day". Most schools get a week off, we get one day. It's still nice though, and I'm in a much better mood. I got my room cleaned, went to dinner with Dave, and went to Barnes and Noble. I could seriously live at a bookstore and be happy. I was going to go to Mercy, but it didn't work out.

So, I already wrote a blog about Valentine's Day, plus I shared some facebook/twitter wisdom...but I hope you all had a great day celebrating love. Remember that you don't have to be in a relationship to celebrate love. There is someone out there that loves you, and you should be grateful for those in your life whom you love and who support you. You can never be "alone on Valentine's Day". You have God, no matter what. God loved you before you were even born, and He continues to love you. He wants you to turn to Him. You are beautiful, and so very loved. Don't ever forget that :) Plus, for those of us ( waiting for that "special person", it's important to remember the people in your life who are your soul-friends. The best friends who have been there for you through everything...the person you met and instantly clicked with. Someone who inspires you, pushes you through those walls you put up. Love them. Keep them close. Sometimes all we really need are our best friends...and do not ever let anyone push you away from your best friend.

I will close with two songs...both with the same sort of meaning. I haven't met that person yet.

1) Michael Buble- Haven't Met You Yet

2) John Mayer- Love Song For No One

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