Monday, February 8, 2010

leave it in the valley

Dear Doris (The Taurus),
We've had a strange relationship these past six years. It started off strong, I have many fond memories in our early years. Like when I first named you...first you were Pierre, and then I changed it...when Alicia asked me what your name was, I responded with "my car's name is Doris the Taurus and YOU'RE JEALOUS!". I miss driving to Mercy and back every day. I loved how spacious you were. I loved how the sunroof was broken, yet everyone would try and open it anyways. I loved the built in, 80's style cell phone holder...every SINGLE person who got in that car asked what it was. As the years went on, we had many adventures together....driving to and from Kalamazoo...driving to Huntington with Sam for an Idol concert. In 2007 you started acting up. I guess you wanted out, a desperate cry for help. Remember the time you died on 94 when I was trying to go home for the weekend? You ended up staying in the shop for two weeks. When I got you back, Sam and I attempted to drive you to Nashville...but no way, you decided to lose a tire. Oh, then there was the time I tried to go home for a weekend and your battery died. That was a fun time....or those three times you were taken in to get the oil leak fixed...but you kept breaking anyways. OH! Remember that one time you died on me the night before I was supposed to leave for orientation for MVC? And then only a month later, you died AGAIN while I was driving home for labor day weekend? Of course, our most recent adventure (and our last) will go down in history. You went crazy on me and just gave up. No one bothered to care, not even the police. Now you're sitting in some shop near a strip club in Romulus, MI, waiting to be taken away. You know what, Dorris? What the heck did I ever do to you? I fed you, I took you fun places, I never ONCE got you in an accident. I guess I should be happy you lasted this long...but did you have to put me through so much torture the past few years? I hope you rest in peace.

If you hadn't figured it out, my car is gone...well, not yet, but it will be. The motor is dead and there is no point in replacing that mess. We're donating it, hoping they can use SOME of the parts. I'm not stressing yet. I'm still trying to remain focused that everything will work out the way that it is supposed to. When I am able to get a new car (which won't be until at least July or August, maybe later if I don't find a job to pay for it), I'm planning on getting a Ford Focus.

So, how is everyone? I had a pretty good weekend and right now I'm sitting in the cafeteria watching the snow fall, hoping for a snow day tomorrow. I'm talking with a friend about losing weight. I have to say, it's the hardest thing I've ever done. I have to think about every thing I eat every single day. There are so many temptations and it's SO easy to fall out of the routine. Overall, I think I've done a good job. I've had a few slips, but my overall relationship with food has changed. I can't wait until Spring so I can get out there and do some walking.

I have so many things I want to accomplish. I need to just DO it. I'm excited :) It's so much better to be productive and accomplish your goals then to sit around and watch them float away. If you want something, work hard to get it.

So Valentine's day is coming up. Usually I hate this day...but since I'm trying to change my attitude, I'm going to make it fun. It doesn't have to be about having a significant other. You can use Valentine's day to celebrate the love you have for yourself, for God, for the people around you. I am a firm believer in that we should express our love EVERY DAY, but why not make Valentine's day a little more special? Write a love letter to God, make a list of all the things you love about yourself. Send a good friend an email. You don't have to sit around all day feeling bitter about your ex boyfriend. Step up, smile, and love with everything you have in you.

My roomies and I have a very busy February. This weekend (as long as weather permits) we are going to Pittsburgh. We've saved our community money for this trip and it should be fun :) We're going to see some of our MVC friends! The weekend following we are going to Grayling, MI to talk about being a Mercy volunteer. The final weekend we have our retreat at the Mercy Center in Farmington Hills.

I know it's far away, but I am SO excited for Sam and I to go to Nashville in April. I've been saving money and will continue to save money so that we can buy gas and food. Of course, if anyone wants to you know...donate a gas gift card or anything...ha. Just kidding. We'll be fine :)

Alright, well....better go get some stuff done before my study hall in a few minutes. Have a good day, and remember to speak your love.

Listening to: Leave It In The Valley- Mandisa

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