Monday, February 1, 2010

2010 Grammys.

I live for the Grammys. It is possibly my favorite night of TV. I believe that music saves people, and to watch my favorite artists get recognized is so exciting for me. I was looking forward to last night's show, and for the most part, I really enjoyed it. I liked most of the performances. I don't typically agree with the awards, but that's because I'm biased toward my favorites. Let me break this down.

Awards I Wasn't So Happy About
-Record of the year. The winner was "Use Somebody" by Kings of Leon. Should have been "Poker Face" by Gaga or "Halo" by Beyonce.
-Best Pop Vocal Album. Winner was Black Eyed Peas, I'd kill for Kelly Clarkson to win. She does not get enough credit, and her album was incredible.
-Best Pop Gospel Album. Winner was Isreal Houghton, who was expected to win, but in my heart it was and should have been Mandisa. I am so proud of her for being nominated, though, and for everything else she has accomplished. Plus, she looked amazing. She's lost 100 lbs!
-Album of the Year. I love Taylor Swift. LOVE HER. I listen to her music all the time and she is probably my biggest writing inspiration...but there is absolutely NO WAY her album was better than Gaga's, or even Beyonce. Taylor Swift's album good, but Gaga is genius. I just don't think the music industry appreciates Gaga as much as her fans do, and that's sad to me....because in all her interviews, what she says about her music and her outfits MAKES SENSE. She's not a crazy freak, she is a creative genius. Watch her interview on Oprah....find out the true meaning of Paparazzi. It's not any old pop song. Her album tells a story. Her follow up EP continues it. No one has done that in YEARS. Okay, that's enough of my vent. I do love Taylor, and she's such a sweetheart. I was excited for her, because she has accomplished more than I could ever imagine...just don't think it was right.

Awards That Had Me Smiling.
-Best Male Pop Vocal Performance AND Best Pop Collaboration: JASON MRAZ! For "Make it Mine" and for "Lucky" with Colbie. Oh my gosh, that almost made of for the Taylor Swift album of the year fiasco. I'm so happy for him! I've loved Jason Mraz for so long, and I'm glad he is getting appreciation and recognition.
-Best Female Country Vocal Performance..."White Horse" by Taylor Swift. See, I told you I like Taylor. That song is beautiful, my favorite off her album. It deserved to win this, for sure.
-Best Country Performance By A Duo Or Group: LADY ANTEBELLUM! EEEE!! It's so exciting to see a band that I dubbed as "favorite" before their debut album was even released. They have come SO far, and I am so proud of them. They definitely deserved it, and it makes me happy that they beat Rascal Flatts.

Performances I Sort Of Disliked
-Dave Matthews Band. I'm reading this morning that many people loved this. I did not. I probably SHOULD be a fan of Dave Matthews, since I love that kind of music...but really, I thought it just went on for too long. I could have done without it.
-Black Eyed Peas. Even though I love some of their songs, that was just obnoxious.
-Jamie Foxx, T Pain, Jay Z, Slash. Once again, slightly obnoxious. Probably because I dislike that song.
-Maxwell and Loretta Flack. Again, I'm biased because I hate that song, but wasn't amazed by this performance either. Boring.
-Taylor Swift/Stevie Nicks...may have been the worst performance I've seen on the Grammys. Oh wait, that may be the Taylor Swift/Miley Cyrus fiasco that was last year. I can't decide...but seriously, the performance last night was awful. The new "You Belong With Me" arrangement was horrible, and her attempt at "Rhiannon" was even worse. I'm sorry Taylor. I do love you, you just shouldn't do that. Ever. Just keep making cute speeches and writing good songs.

Performances That I Enjoyed
-Lil Wayne, Eminem, Drake. For the first time in my life, I found Lil Wayne sexy. That was weird. Other than that, they were alright. A little obnoxious, but I love Eminem. I don't like rap music, but he does have talent.
-Jeff Beck and Imelda May, doing a tribute to Les Paul. They were good, it was a solid performance.
-Mary J Blige and Andre Bocelli. Powerful vocals, and I don't like Bocelli at all...but it was powerful.
-Bon Jovi...really only because of Jennifer Nettles. I love her, and she saved that performance for me. Although "Livin on A Prayer" is one of my favorite songs of all time, so it was fun to see that :)
-Zac Brown Band. Solid. Good vocals, I was sort of surprised.
-Beyonce. The only reason she is not in the LOVE category is because I was hoping for "Halo" or "Single Ladies". I'm sick of "If I Were A Boy" and I don't know how I feel about her covering Alanis...but I did like that because it showed her vocals. Homegirl can SING. I mean, SING. One of the best vocalists we have around.

Peformances I LOVED.
-Green Day. Even though I don't like that song, I loved the mix of power ballad/rock. I'm interested in this musical about American Idiot.
-Lady Antebellum. Mainly because I'm so damn proud of them. They are amazing. "Need You Now" is one of the most beautiful songs I've heard. I love them so much and hope they only continue to be more and more successful...and to think just a few years ago they were playing at local fairs and summer festivals.
-MJ Tribute. When did Carrie Underwood get SOUL? She really surprised me. I've always liked her voice but I didn't know she could sing like that! All of the singers were great, but I have a love for J Hud- she was amazing. I loved it, even though I didn't have the 3D glasses. It was a very strong vocal performance.
-Lady Gaga (and Elton John). I loved the Poker Face, and then when she came out and did Speechless with Elton John, oh man. Speechless is my favorite song, I'm glad people were able to hear that she has an amazing voice. Loved that they slipped some of his songs in there, too.
-Pink! First of all, "Glitter In The Air" is my favorite Pink song (besides The One That Got Away). Most people don't know it, because it's not a single...but it's beautiful...then she goes and adds THAT into the song. It was amazing. One of the best performances ever, plus she was REALLY singing that whole time. I don't think people know how GOOD she is. Her performances of "Sober" from her tour are unbelievable. Check them out sometime.

So, that was my take on the Grammys. What were you most excited about?

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