Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What A Beautiful Mess This Is...

You guys...I laid down in my bed because my head was pounding and fell asleep for two hours! Now I'm wide awake and won't be able to fall asleep later! Yikes.

A couple people picked numbers tonight, but Hollister picked first. I'll use Sam and Lizz's next time, promise :)

Here's her surprise... a little paragraph about what Holly means to me.

For those of you who don't know her, Holly is a backup...and for those who don't even know what that means, it means once upon a time Melinda Doolittle was on American Idol and her fans formed together to join Melinda's Backups. We support her career and her charity work, but beyond that, we are a family. I've known Holly for almost three years now (isn't that crazy). She's nicknamed "Spunky" because of her outgoing, fun loving attitude. She's also a really sweet person who makes it clear to all that she is there for them for support. Holly always offers encouraging words to say and knows how to make me feel better. I love her accent, the hilarious things she says, and her beautiful spirit. She's an amazing friend and I am blessed to have her!

2) Aretha Franklin- Respect

R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Ha. Instantly puts me in a good mood. This song brings me back to my days at Mercy. My senior year, I made it my mission to support the amazing singing group, the Mercyaires. I felt they weren't really given enough credit from the school. Everyone knew my support for them- I was named an honorary Mercyaire, they talked about me and gave me an award at the end of the year banquet, and I went to as many of their events as possible. I had some good friends in the group, but when it ended, I was close with almost all of them. Thinking back about some of those girls, they were my best friends. Meg Mal, Carly Atto, Kalin Franks, Emily Ponto, Anna Sklut, Minnelleeeeeee, so many great people. This song was kind of their thing- they performed it everywhere and did it with such joy. I miss them!

I wish I could post a video of the Mercyaires version to show you how good they are, but unfortunatley that's not possible, so I bring you... Kelly Clarkson. I knew she was going to win when I saw this. Plus, it brings back memories. What I love about Kelly is that she really hasn't let fame change her at all. Seriously.

6) Billy Joel- Piano Man

I had a tough time picking amongst Billy Joel songs (mainly Vienna and Only the Good Die Young) for this list. This song is another feel good song that reminds me of my early years of college- when, at the end of each frat party, the guys would gather around and sing this song in nothing but their underwear. Yes, those were the days. Favorite line is "They're sharing a drink they call lonliness, but it's better than drinking alone."

This is a cover by the band Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers, who I was introduced to when they opened for Hanson. I now listen to their music quite often...great band.

47) Jason Mraz- Beautiful Mess

Jason Mraz is one of the artists I listen to on a daily basis, no matter what. This song is from his album he released last summer and is my favorite song he's ever made- it is so simple and beautiful. He is such an amazing writer, I don't know how he does it!

63) Mariah Carey- Hero

Okay. My love for this song is going to make me sound like I have a huge ego. Ready? Everytime I am with people when this song is played, they tell them it reminds them of me. It started in high school, when one of my good friends used this song to play for her Kairos talk (see yesterday's I'll Be description to find out what that is). She then went on to say that the song was dedicated to me, because it was perfect for the person I was, and that I was an inpsiration. Since then, my favorite staff member at Mercy who runs the Kairos retreat uses that song and talks about me in her staff Kairos talk, telling girls I have never and probably will never meet about me and that I made an impact on Mercy High School. A few people in Delta Gamma have told me it's their song for me...and most recently, two backups told me when Danny sang it on Idol. I don't know what I've done other than be myself and care about them with my whole heart, but it means so much to me that people associate such a beautiful song with me. I think what really reminds them of me is that I'm really hard on myself, and I've been through a lot emotionally, so I don't see in myself what others do.

I'll post Brooke White's :)... so simple!

88) Sugarland- Stay

There are only about five country songs on this list, so that should tell you how much I love this song :) I should thank Jess, since I was never into country music before she made me listen to Martina and I was hooked. She's actually the one who made me listen to this song- I cried. (I know, I cry a lot). It's RARE for an acoustic song to be a number one hit- but this was. It's what got me really into Sugarland, and now I'm a huge fan of theirs. The music video is just pure raw emotion, so amazing. It won't let me embed the video, so here's a live performance:

That's it, folks :)

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