Sunday, June 7, 2009

Let Me Show You

A broken-hearted girl sat alone on the beach, tracing her fingers through the sand. Everything in her life had suddenly come to a complete halt. She felt hopeless, lost, and alone with no one’s hand to hold. Night after night, she lay in her bed restlessly, her mind consumed with evil thoughts. She came to this spot as an act of desperation; she needed God to guide her through this. She took a deep breath, looked up at the bright sky, and asked God for strength. “How will I get out of this one? How can I keep moving forward when everything inside of me has died? When will I finally feel okay?”. The girl began to cry out when suddenly, as if to say “Let me show you”, a huge wave came crashing in at her feet. She screamed and jumped up to her feet when suddenly dark clouds rolled in followed by rain pouring down so hard it was difficult to tell where the ocean started. The girl, who had been lifeless for months, began to laugh so hard she couldn't breathe. She danced in the rain until her legs could no longer carry her, giggling and thanking God. When the rain slowed down, she walked up the beach toward her car, knowing that storm was the sign she needed. She knew that no matter what was bringing her down, she could find it in herself to put all that past her and just dance in the rain. As she walked closer to the boardwalk, she ran into a young man who was looking at her with tears in his eyes. “Excuse me, m’am…I don’t mean to bother you, but I watched you down there, and I have to know how you can be so full of life. I’ve been empty for so long…” before he could continue, the girl grabbed his hand, gave him a bright smile, and said “let me show you”. They ran down to the water and began to dance together in the rain.

That’s kind of how our world works, you know? When someone’s down, there’s always another person there for them ready to show them the way. Whether that person is God, a close friend, or a complete stranger, there is comfort in knowing that we’re never completely alone. We all go through life experiences that can somewhat relate to one another. To all the people in my life who have told me “let me show you”, thank you.

PS: I should probably mention that I wrote that short story at 2 am one night when I couldn't sleep. haha.


Sammie said... Add Reply

That is REALLY beautiful Megan!!! I really love this story mainly because its true. It's weird but we turn to when we are going though hard times. How about I give you all my ideas for writting you write them for me? LOL. Just kidding. But I love it really. I feel like you need to write a story every night because I loved this.

Shari said... Add Reply

You are SUCH an excellent writer ... I loved that!! The symbolism in it is just perfect. It reminds me of "For Good" with its message :)