Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Life of a Nanny

Want to hear about my day?

Sure you do. Otherwise you wouldn't be reading this.

I got to work at 7:55, when I walked in Mike (aka "Dada") was just waking Sophie up to get her to preschool (today was her first day, from now on she'll go twice a week from 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM). I heard Kate crying so I went in her room to get her out of her crib. She started laughing hysterically the second I walked in, which was adorable. Then I gasped, because her right eye was puffy and barely open. I said "Kate, does your eye hurt?" "NO!!!!!!" she said, smiling. Her forehead above her eye was swollen too. I sat her down for breakfast and when Mike came down I told him to look- he had the same reaction I did - gasp and ask if she was in pain. He decided to take her to the doctor after he took Sophie to preschool, said he'd come back to get Kate. So. After breakfast, Mike and Sophie are off to preschool, sure to come back shortly? Right. I was playing around with Kate for about an hour when Mike called and said Jessie (aka Momma) was going to leave work early, come get Kate to take her to the doctor, and then go pick up Sophie. So Kate and I keep playing and she's getting fussier by the minute, and now she's started rubbing her eye to which I have to say "No! Don't rub your eye!" To a 1 1/2 year old, this demand makes no sense, so of course she just keeps doing it. I evnentually feed her lunch and we're playing with blocks when I look at the clock and it's almost 1- Sophie was supposed to be picked up at 12:30, there's no sign of Jessie yet. So I called Jessie just to make sure everything was okay. Alright, apparently sometime during the day plans changed, Mike was going to leave work, go get Sophie and bring her back, and Jessie was pulling into the neighborhood to get Kate. Phew. So Jessie pulls in and Kate starts bawling- she's sleepy. Her eyes is worse. Jessie runs around the house like a madwoman, gathering things together to take Kate to the dr. They leave, it's quiet for maybe 3 minutes. In comes Sophie and Mike. Sophie runs over to me telling me about preschool, Mike leaves. I yawn, Sophie looks at me with her big eyes "are you tired Megan?" I laugh.. "YES Sophie!". I feed her some grapes and yogurt for a snack and then we go upstairs for quiet time. Sophie ends up falling asleep for an hour or so, in the meantime Mike calls and says "the doctor is sending Kate and Jessie to Beaumont". GREAT. That means this is probably serious. Also, Mike won't be able to get home until 5. Sophie wakes up and thank heavens is such a good kid as I sit there, worrying about Kate and MVC. Mike comes home at 5, apparently the doctor is writing it off as a bug bite that caused an allergic reaction. Jessie and Mike aren't sure that's the answer. Also, I hurt my back lifting Sophie at one point. Plus I'm exhasuted. All that stress, little sleep.

Whew. Longest day ever. Didn't help that my nerves were so high because I didn't know what was going on 1/2 the time.

Now. MVC. Literally, the second I left their house, I saw I had a new voicemail. I must have missed the call while I was talking to Mike. "Hi Megan, this is Marie from Mercy Volunteer Corps I am so sorry we didn't get back to you last night, but things have been really crazy here. I will try to call back later tonight or first thing tomorrow morning, hope you have a wonderful day". Blah blah BLAH. A few hours later, cue me, sitting in my bed with my pj's on already, poudning away at the keys on my laptop, looking at my phone every 2 seconds. I JUST WANT TO KNOW! I've got a really bad feeling about this which I know is horrible and I should think positive! Can't hepl it though. Had a pit in my stomache feeling all day and I really don't think I can wait another night.

I think I might do another 5 songs tonight just because it's like therapy for me. Will do it later when I can function better..maybe.

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