Saturday, June 20, 2009

Playlists :)

Okay, second post of the night and I'll have another one tomorrow. Wanted to share with ya'll two of my playlists, though. Feel free to comment with your own favorites or suggestions!!

This is my workout playlist. A few notes:

-"Whipped Into Shape" is a MUST HAVE on your playlist.
-Almost all of Kelly Clarkson's songs from "All I Ever Wanted" work. I just picked my favorites.
-"One Step At A Time" isn't the most upbeat, but it's message is just what I need to hear when I am ready to give up. Plus, it's got a good rythmn.
-Some like to start of with Eminem's "Lose Yourself". I choose to end with it, it gives me motiviation for the next day.

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This is my "RELAX!" playlist, or the one I use when I need help falling asleep. There are some beautiful songs on this list, and I could add about a thousand more. Please check some of them out!!

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Sammie said... Add Reply

First of all you always have the best songs!! I love how you have showed me so much new music...and you know the David Love!! <3<3