Sunday, March 30, 2014


I take in a deep breath of the crisp, fresh air and skip off my porch. I have no destination or route in mind, I just need to feel the earth beneath my feet. As I begin to walk, I realize the air has gotten a bit colder, and ponder turning back. No, pushing forward would be best. The sun has not yet set and this is one of the first warm days we've had since the fall. It would be a shame to turn back.

I walk past the school- on any normal afternoon, the fields would be flooded with kids in uniforms, practicing lacrosse or soccer. Today, it is still and silent. A few other walkers pass me by, some with dogs. We smile politely at each other, a code.

I take the street that leads me to the tennis courts, baseball diamonds and skateboard park. Most of my walk has been silent up until this point, but now the laughs and chatter of teenage boys fills the street, along with the rolling and clicks of their skateboards.

I keep walking and see all the small businesses and studios that I have never noticed before.They are hidden back here, like gems waiting to be found. Fancy hair salons and private yoga studios, closed now, but sure to be busy tomorrow. These streets are at peace until a new work week begins. The owners, I'm sure, are sitting at home, preparing for the week to come, going over their future appointments and classes.

I find myself back on a residential street. I take note how close the houses are to the street, and to each other. With just a glance you can look into these homes. I see a couple doing dishes, a child watching cartoons, a young woman doing paperwork at the kitchen table. I begin to imagine the different stories that are taking place in these homes. And then, I begin to pray for each home that I walk by. I pray that the home is filled of happiness and peace, that there are no worries or anxiety. I pray that they sleep well and have a good week full of blessings. I do not know these people, nor do I know what is going on in their home, but I find I want them all to be happy. We all deserve to be happy.

The stories in each of these homes vary. Some homes are occupied by large families, others older couples, and others just a couple of roommates. There are all kinds of families grouped together in these homes, not one of them is the same. That's the beauty of the human race. That's the gift of life. We've all been blessed with this gift, but it is so very different for each of us. We need to treasure and honor this gift, with each step we take. We also need to recognize that each of us are just living out our story, trying to survive, and to find happiness along the way. If we held each other closely in positive, grateful thoughts, recognizing how precious each day is, perhaps life would be calmer, with more smiles.

May you all have a beautiful week.

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