Monday, March 31, 2014


I absolutely adore Broadway. I wouldn't call myself a Broadway fanatic: I don't even know what shows are playing right now, I can only name a few Broadway stars, and I have never stepped foot in New York City. But I could listen to show tunes all day long, and I get a feeling of giddiness and excitement when I talk about Broadway shows.

I think it is due to my general love of music. The combination of storytelling and music weaved in Broadway shows is genius. I have loved listening to show tunes since I was a little girl. My mom and I was blast the "Broadway Kids" CD in the car while we did errands. I used to watch Annie on a regular basis. I knew all the words to Joseph by the time I was 10.

My love for Broadway grew stronger in high school. It was then I learned about Les Mis, A Chorus Line, and Rent. I fell in love with all of them. There was a time where I listened ONLY to the Rent soundtrack. Wicked came out my senior year of high school, and my friends and I had an unhealthy obsession with the music and characters.

I squeal whenever Glee does a Broadway tune. I put the showtunes station on Sirirus Radio more often than I do Top 40. And I dream, of one day, seeing a Broadway show in New York.

My 10 Favorite Broadway Musicals
and my favorite song from each :)

10. Dreamgirls

9. The Music Man

8. A Chorus Line

7. Chicago

6. Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

5. Sound of Music

4. Annie

3. Wicked

2. Les Mis

1. Rent 


Shari said... Add Reply

I love this! There's a unique kind of magic to Broadway, I think, like the best sort of escape. Wicked is my absolute favorite. I could listen to that soundtrack every day! I hope you do get to experience it in NYC one day ... you would adore it! :)

Preethi Venugopala said... Add Reply

I have heard much about broadway..
Haven't experienced the magic yet..

Sound of music is my favorite too..

Bish Denham said... Add Reply

There are so many wonderful musicals. I'm fond of some of the older ones: South Pacific, Brigadoon, The King and I...

Kate @ Another Clean Slate said... Add Reply

I know it's shocking because everyone loves it- but I almost walked out of Rent! I did love Joseph. And my all time favorite is Wicked.

Robin said... Add Reply

So many amazing musicals out there. Like you, I love those songs. Great post!!!

Unknown said... Add Reply

You bought back so many wonderful memories of going to Broadway with my mother! We went to Cat's more than once. And I love your list of showtunes. I have no doubt that I'll be humming them the rest of the day!

Joy said... Add Reply

We are soul mates on this Broadway topic. I LOVE showtunes!

Donna Smith said... Add Reply

I love musicals. We have a good quality music theater nearby, so as a kid I got to see them all!
Donna Smith
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