Saturday, March 30, 2013

5 Months

My Dearest Ryan;
Happy 5 months, love. This is also your "Lent letter". For the past four years or so, I write letters to people in my life to remind them how much I love them. Don't worry, one day you'll understand what that all means. For now, you just need to know that I love you.

March was one hectic month for your aunt meggers- to say the least. I felt a hurt and an anger I had never known before. But with the help of my family and friends, I made it through. I hope that we always give you that kind of support, and that you know you can come to us whenever your heart hurts. We care about you and we want to protect you and help jump over all your hurdles in life.

I came over to see you one day in the midst of my little "bump". You made me laugh and feel so much better. You were playing with a little toy that makes music, and you seemed so intrigued by it. I hope music always makes you feel like that, because music truly is the universal language  And it's also very powerful- no matter how you are feeling, there's always a song to match it. Anyways, when I was visiting you I just kept staring at you in awe. I gave you a little talk about how to treat girls. Which, by the way, is pretty simple: don't lie to them.

At one point in my visit, you just looked up and stared at me. I swear I heard a little voice say "you're going to be okay". I know it sounds crazy, but I heard it, and I know it was you talking to me, sending me a little message of comfort. I don't think I'll ever forget that moment.

You also learned how to laugh out loud this month. I heard it for the first time when we had a family movie night watching Les Miserables. Your mommy was being silly and singing to you, and you were kicking your feet up in the air. You giggled, so happy to be there with us and in the arms of your mommy. It was adorable.

Easter is tomorrow and I get to see you and your mommy and daddy. I'm very excited. Easter is one of my favorite holidays, because it's so important for our faith. You'll learn all about that later in life. For now just know that Jesus loves you so much. And Easter is just one example of how much He loves you.

So even though this was a rough month for Aunt Megan, I want you to know that you helped me through. I have a feeling you always will, and I am always here for you. We're on the same team.

I love you, Ryan!

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Happy Five Months to your favorite little guy! :)