Monday, July 2, 2012

our july in the rain...err..heat.

Wait a minute. Weren't we just celebrating Thanksgiving in ugly sweaters? No? Then why does it feel like it? Why does it seem nearly impossible that it's already July? Why do I keep talking about "next year's" youth group, next year's group of senior service students, next year's mercy volunteers- when in reality, all of those things are happening in a month or two?

Why does time move so fast, and why does it only hit us when it's the beginning of a new month and suddenly turn our calender and gasp. (I could have gasped because my July calender is already 90% full, but you get my point). And another question- Why is it so damn hot? This isn't natural. We haven't had rain in weeks, and Michigan is known for it's summer storms. What exactly is mother nature's problem and why is she taking it out on all of us?

What does July mean to me?

This year It means fireworks, sidewalk chalk, bike rides and poolside. It means celebrating another closing ceremony of Mercy Volunteer Corps and mustering up any type of advice that I can hand out to the girls. It means hair thrown up in a bun, flip flops on my feet, and a sunburned face. It means driving with my windows down and music blasting. It means Olympics. It means a new volunteer recruitment campaign. It means turning 25 and totally not freaking out about it at all.

Here's to a happy July.

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