Thursday, July 12, 2012

life update

Life Update.

Busy as ever. They say summer is slow for my department. I had maybe a week or two where it was slow. Now? Not so much. I am running around all over the place trying to get things done.I have some new volunteers that I need to keep track of and I am getting ready for my students to come in the fall. My July calender is packed full. There's not a day during the week that doesn't have a training or a meeting or a conference call. Lately, as a company we have been doing a little bit more employee recognition, and I have been nominating a new person or team every single day. I see so much good in many of my coworkers. They deserve a thank you.

Things I am Looking Forward To
In just 15 days I am going to Indianapolis to spend a weekend with my brother and sister in law, my best friend, and a handful of very wonderful people. We're gonna do the color run, watch our dear Melinda perform her Love 101 show (at the same venue where my brother and Sara got married!), and just enjoy being away from our normal lives for a dew days. That's also my birthday weekend so I get to ring in turning 25 with some of the most amazing people in my life.

My sister's baby shower is August 5th and I'm very excited to celebrate both my wonderful sister and my future little booger of a niece or nephew. It will be a good chance to get together with family and friends and be able to squeal and plan and shower my sister with gifts.

I am seeing my best friend again on August 11th with my life twin Desi. We know how to have a darn good time, and a darn good time will be had. Word.

Then my work bestie Maggie's baby shower is August 12th.. I worry about her every day out in this heat in the nursing homes with her mega caseload. It will be nice to celebrate her and the little dude. Plus Tierra is coming. I haven't seen her since her wedding in April and life has been so much different without her. It will be fun to see her again all while celebrating our sweetheart of a friend Swaggie Maggie.

What I'm Watching
Not a darn thing. Seriously. I do not have ONE TV show I look forward to in the summer. Not even Duets, which I thought I'd love- not so much. Barely even turn the TV on.

What I'm Reading
Almost finished with a great memoir titled "First Comes Love, Then Comes Malaria" about a girl who enters the peace corps two years after college. She falls in love with her recruiter. Great story, it's really interesting to hear about life in the countries where she is placed.

What I am listening to

Ready for the most random list of your life? Okay.

I think that just about sums it up. :-)

July is movin fast. I heard people talking about Christmas already. Legit. Have a fabulous weekend my friends.

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Shari said... Add Reply

If not for Kelly, I would be so bored by Duets ... definitely watching just because of her.

Also - so jealous that you get to see Melinda, but more than that, so excited for you! Give her a hug for me! :)