Friday, July 20, 2012


I was originally going to write a fun, light hearted post about celebrities who I'd like to have dinner with.  Instead, my mind is elsewhere. My mind, and my heart, are in Aurora Colorado, where a 24 year old man killed 12 innocent people. People who were going out for a fun night, people who have been anxiously waiting the release of the Dark Knight Rises. People who have probably had these plans for weeks, if not months.

I don't understand violence. I will not ever understand violence. Apparently this guy had several mental health issues (duh). That absolutely breaks my heart, to think that his problems were so bad, so harmful to his brain that he took it upon himself to murder 12 people and ruin the lives of their families and friends. He's 24.

I scrolled down the comments on; wondering how other people were reacting. I found pages and pages of arguments about gun control and gun laws. Obviously I realize this is a huge issue; but I couldn't help but get a little frustrated at the commenters and their rude, hateful comments toward one another. We've just been faced with a tragedy that stemmed from hate. Hate is what is wrong with our world! We have to stop the hate. I don't know how, but we need to find a way. We need to stop arguing for one second, stop pushing our political views and show some respect to those affected by this tragedy. And really, we should all be affected. The people killed were HUMANS. They were mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, daughters, sons, cousins, friends.  It does not matter the race of the suspect or the victims. All that matters is that 12 people are dead.

My heart goes out to every member of the Aurora community who is hit by this tragedy- family and friends of the victims, family and friends of the suspect. There is nothing I can do here but pray, and that is what I surely will be doing.

I have no other words other than this: Speak your love, speak it again, speak it again.

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