Monday, July 16, 2012

ohana means family and family means no one gets left behind

Here is how I operate: If people are mean to me, bully me, say nasty things... I deal with it on my own. I may whine a little, but it's nothing compare to when people are mean to my friends and family. Because when that happens, I go bananas. I stand up for my friends/family much more than I do for myself.

It also works this way: If I get a compliment or a thank you, I graciously accept and smile. But when someone congratulates a loved one or says how wonderful they are, I burst into fangirl mode.... spitting out things like "I KNOW RIGHT ISN'T SHE SO AWESOME!"

Today, I got one of the highest compliments. I was telling a coworker about Laurence, and all the things he did before he died. She sat there for a few minutes, and then said "You know, from all the stories you have told me about your family, it just seems all REALLY care a lot about people". She went on to say "Like, you really live out your church values. You just don't see that often anymore, but from what you tell me you guys do it, without hesitation." 

I beamed. I mean, I broke into a smile so big it hurt my cheeks. I couldn't really find the words to respond, I think I said something like "we're pretty cool". And then followed it up with "My parents did a wonderful job of raising us to put others before ourselves".

I don't know, it just made me so happy that someone who barely knows my family could recognize that in us. It's hard to go around and say things like "dude, my sister is like, the best listener ever". Or "hey, just wanted you to know my brother is one of the most caring individuals I know!". So instead I tell them stories. And apparently, the message has come through quite clearly.

What's even cooler about my family is well all show this quality in different ways. We don't all go to church regularly, we vary in our belief system when it comes to faith and religion. Yet, we find a way to express our love for others in different ways.

So yes, I will write a blog to brag about my family. They are the coolest people I know. So there.


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This is so sweet Megan! Family is the best<3

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oh my gosh I am blushing thank you so much. We did our best, but each of you came through with nyour own choices, and we are very proud of every one of you.. truly the greatest! Dad