Monday, September 6, 2010

What's Your Song?

Once in a while, I hear a song that makes me stop dead in my tracks. Whether it's vocals, music, or lyrics, something about certain songs strike me hard- they hit home. That happened today when I heard David Archuleta's song "Things Are Gonna Get Better". I'm going to need you to listen to this song.

Now, let's discuss.
A. Last summer I wrote a song called "It Gets Better". The lyrics are a mirror image of David's song.
B. "Walk On", a U2 song, is the common phrase we use when discussing Laurence. In fact, I've used it quite a few times this past weekend while celebrating memories of Laurence in honor of his 16th birthday.
C. "And everybody's got someone they've lost/And they can't believe they're really gone/But you gotta live on/Yeah, you gotta live on". Laurence. Matt, etc.
D. This whole transition phase I'm going through is one of the toughest I've ever faced. Through his song, David reminded me that things are going to get better. I know taking advice from a 19 year old American Idol finalist may seem a bit odd to most people, but when a song comes along that touches my heart in such a powerful way, I am going to share it with the world.

So, this poses a question. I want to know....what song feels like the artist is reading your mind? I have several, and this is absolutley one of them. What are some of yours?

While you're contemplating that, I have got to tell you about a fabulous book I just read, called Loved Walked In by Marisa De Los Santos. It is an incredibly sweet love story- without all the cliches and eye rolls. It's a beautiful story, and the author writes in such a descriptive way. I have never read love described in such a perfect way before. She quickly became one of my new favorite authors! This book was me laughing and crying. I could not put it down once I got to the last few chapters. Plus, it inspired a huge writing splurge. I loved this and I'm excited to read Belong To Me next!

Hope everyone has a great week. Things should be in place for me soon. Let's hope.


Elizabeth Rosalyn said... Add Reply

"Across The Universe" by the Beatles was the first song that really opened up my mind to the wonders of music. It's still one of my favourites to this day.

Shari said... Add Reply

Mine are KC's "Breakaway" and "Defying Gravity" from Wicked. It's not so much the lyrics themselves (although some are spot on), but more the message behind the songs. Isn't it amazing how powerful music can be?