Thursday, September 16, 2010

fight for love

This week has been full of birthday fun. Yesterday I popped into Cristo Rey to give a card and a hug to my best friend Dean. I've mentioned Dean in here before, and by now you should all know how much I admire him. Simply put, the boy loves harder than anyone I've ever known. So it makes me happy when he is the receiver of that same kind of love. I was able to experience that yesterday when I saw a whiteboard covered in birthday messages for him.

While I was at the school, I dropped in the cafeteria at lunchtime. Best/worst idea ever. I loved seeing some of the kids but it was extremely crowded and all the screaming and hugging was quite overwhelming. I was grateful, though, especially because I got to talk to two girls who are very much like little sisters to me. Anyways, in this crowded ranch filled cafeteria, several of the students said to me "Miss Carolin, we don't get juice every day anymore!". I must have heard that about thirty times. Other kids asked if they could have chicken rings instead of pizza, or other odd food requests. It struck me as adorable that they still see me in that same role- the person who served them food every day. For many of them I was more than that, but for a handful of those kids, that is the only time they saw me. So it seemed funny that the minute I walk back in, I am again "Miss Carolin, the volunteer who feeds us". That got me to thinking, and you know when that happens a blog is coming...

Although that is a cute example, how often do we assume a role to someone in our life, or put them in a box? We see them how we want to see them and forget that they actually have several roles and sides to them. They have flaws and talents just like ourselves. We get so caught up in our idea of someone that it's easy to miss they may be going through something terrible, they may need you to let down that idea of them and see them a little differently. I think this is especially true for celebrities, but it also happens in our every day life. We never know what another person may be going through. Give them a chance to speak up about it. Ask questions and listen. Don't assume you know everything. Don't be shocked when they do something that is "not themselves". And when that does happen, definitely do not push them away. That is when they need you the most. Maybe a friend has been lying a lot or avoiding your phone calls. Don't give up. Find out why. You could save them. I guess what I'm trying to say your love to all and keep an open mind...and don't put someone in a box.

Also, happy birthday to my beautiful mom. In case you didn't know, my mom is the best mom ever. No, no, that wasn't a question. It's just a fact. I am truly blessed to be the daughter of such an amazing woman, teacher, and friend. I tried to write a little poem for her, but I failed...miserably. Not because I do not have enough great things to say, but because I can't put it into words. I love my mom. Everyone loves my mom (also a fact). I've been able to meet some truly amazing people through my mom and all her years of teaching. Most have come and gone and are no longer a part of my life. One of them, however, will always be one of my heroes- her name is Martha. She too is an absolutely amazing mommy with a strength I have never seen before in anyone. I admire Martha greatly and I am blessed to have her and the rest of her beautiful family in my life. Martha is truly a gift to everyone that is lucky enough to know her.

Sorry, got a little off topic there. I hope everyone has an amazing weekend. Remember to love yourself for who you are and accept others for who they are.

Song of the day: This song is very fitting for what I was discussing at the top of this post!

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